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Water Heater Repair Keeps Floods At Bay and Ensures Warm Relaxing Showers | Portland, OR

Water heater repair and inspection ensure that the tank is in good condition, the anode rod is ok, the relief valve is operational, and the temperature is set right.
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It’s easy to see a water heater as an appliance that, sometime after about ten years of age, has the potential to require a major cleanup of the surrounding area. In an unfinished basement, that’s rough but pretty basic. In other situations, it could be somewhat tragic. Water heater repair and inspection ensure that the tank is in good condition, the anode rod is ok, the relief valve is operational, and the temperature is set right. In addition, any problems with hot water pressure, temperature, or quality throughout the house can be addressed. When our water heater repair technician leaves your Portland, OR area home, you’ll have peace of mind and hot showers.

Water Heater Tank Corrosion

Corrosion in your water heater tank directly affects the lifetime of the unit and the chances that it will fail and leak gallons of water into the surrounding area. An inspection of the lining and metal components at the top inside your water heater tank can give a pretty good idea of what’s going on throughout the unit. Our water heater repair personnel make sure that your heater isn’t experiencing excessive galvanic corrosion, a result of dissimilar metals coming into contact inside the tank. If you have a water softener unit serving your home or your anode rod needs replacing, you could be experiencing accelerated corrosion as well. Local Portland, OR water from the city supply is quite soft, but if you use well water, you may have a water softener unit in your home. If corrosion has progressed to the point where your water heater is reaching the end of its service life, we can make the changeover to a new unit with as little disruption to your lifestyle as possible.

Anode Rod

Your sacrificial anode rod helps balance the interaction between metals in the water heater, preventing corrosion of the tank lining and other components. Eventually, it becomes worn out and needs replacing. Water softener additions to your water supply can also inactivate your anode rod, which protects the water heater lining against corrosion. The anode rod usually lasts about five years in normal conditions, and having our water heater repair expert replace it when needed, or on a three-year preventive maintenance schedule, is a good investment. When it is no longer providing protection, you may notice signs such as discolored or unusual-smelling hot water coming out of your faucets and shower.


Your water heater may have one or two thermostats controlling heating elements in the tank. If you have two, you may experience either cold water from the hot tap, indicating the upper thermostat has failed, or a reduced quantity of hot water, indicating the lower thermostat is not managing the temperature of the lower part of the tank. Occasionally thermostats are improperly set, so our water heater repair personnel check to make sure it’s between 130 and 140 degrees F, which provides sufficiently hot water for hygienic purposes but not hot enough to risk harm to vulnerable members of your family. If you need hotter water for your kitchen sink or a specific bathroom, we can install local inline water heaters that provide hotter temperatures. These units are also helpful if your hot water travels a long distance to reach that faucet and cools along the way.

Relief Valve

T&P valves, or temperature and pressure relief valves, protect your water heater by opening for a short while if the temperature or pressure inside the unit reaches specified levels, usually 210 degrees F and 150 psi. If you find water has been released by the valve or evidence that it happened in the past such as spots on the floor, the valve is probably doing its job. In some cases, the valve’s seals may fail, and you may get dripping or occasional releases of water because of a bad valve. Our water heater repair personnel can check the valve for proper operation and replace it if necessary. It’s important that this valve provides relief of pressure in the unit to avoid bigger problems including leaks and bursting.

Related Plumbing Including Slab-Embedded Pipes

Some water heater piping is located in or under the cement slab that forms the foundation of the home. This plumbing can corrode or become damaged and leak, creating a slab leak that may take some time to detect. You may experience warm spots on your basement floor from the leaking water underneath, or reduced hot water pressure or quantity. Noting these symptoms can help diagnose a slab leak as a water heater repair problem and not a general slab plumbing issue, and focus the repairs saving time and cost. If water heater repairs are needed for these pipes, digging underneath the slab or removing concrete to access the pipes may be required.

Localized Water Heaters and Increased Capacity

For situations where you require hot water for sanitary purposes, such as a kitchen sink, or otherwise want to have a reliable source of hot water independent of the temperature and quantity your water heater is supplying, our team can quickly install a local in-line water heater that brings the water to temperature as it passes through. We can also install an additional water heater unit or one with increased capacity to provide your home with enough hot water to meet your family’s needs. Also, an insufficient hot water supply might just require repairs to your existing unit.

Your Local Water Heater Repair Experts

Pilot Plumbing serves the area with full-service plumbing including water heater replacement and servicing. Our team is ready to respond if you experience a water heater related emergency, or any other urgent plumbing issue. If replacing your heater is necessary, we provide a fast, efficient changeover to ensure that your family experiences a minimum of disruption. Call us for all your plumbing needs, and we’re always ready to answer your questions and concerns about plumbing-related issues in your home.

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