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10 Benefits Of Water Filtration Systems | Vancouver, WA


If you are like most Vancouver, WA homeowners, the quality of your water is essential. You rely on water for drinking, showering, and cooking. Before the water comes into your home, it is treated. Unfortunately, the treated water contains chlorine, chemicals, bacteria, and other contaminants, making it less pure than you would like.

If you want your water to be as pure and healthy as possible, you should look into a water filtration system. There are a few types of water filtration systems available:

  • Activated carbon
  • Cation exchange water filter systems
  • Reverse osmosis

Each of these water filtration systems is effective, and they all provide many benefits.

#1 Safer Drinking Water

A water filtration system ensures that you have safe drinking water. Even though your water comes directly from the water treatment plant, it still contains contaminants such as lead. Also, the water treatment plant adds chlorine and fluoride to treat the water, making it less pure.

Water filtration systems remove the impurities and most of the 2,100 toxins that are in treated drinking water. This will allow you to drink from the tap anytime without worrying that your water isn’t pure.

#2 Your Water Will Taste Better

Many homeowners don’t drink water from the tap because it can taste or smell bad. A water filtration system can improve the taste of your water. The water treatment company adds chlorine to the water, which can affect the taste. Treated water also contains lead and bacteria, which makes the water taste and smell foul.

A water filtration system removes these impurities, making your water taste better, so you will want to drink from the tap.

#3 Better For the Environment

Many Vancouver, WA residents don’t trust the water that comes from the tap, so they purchase water bottles for drinking. Although water bills give you safe drinking water, they are not great for the environment. Over the course of a year, over 50 billion plastic water bottles are purchased. After, they end up in landfills, and it takes around 450 years for them to disintegrate. Some of these bottles never end up at the landfill. Instead, they little the ground and the ocean and still take just as long to disintegrate.

Water filtration systems allow you to drink water from the tap. You can buy a reusable water bottle to keep your water with you and do your part for the environment.

#4 Saves Money

If your family relies on plastic water bottles, the cost can add up over time. On average, a family of four spends over $700 a year on bottled water.

Water filtration systems allow you to drink water from the tap, saving money on bottled water. The average cost of a water filtration system is between $300 and $500, and this needs to be paid just once. You will also need to replace the water filter yearly, which costs $50 to $80. Installing a water filtration system will save your family up to $650 per year.

#5 You Will Use Less Soap

The hard water that comes into your home contains minerals that prevent the soap’s iconic action, which reduces its cleaning power.

Water filtration systems act in the same way that a water softener does. By removing the minerals that affect the soap’s performance, you will need less shampoo, soap, dish liquid, and laundry detergent. When you use less, you will save money.

#6 Remove Soap Scum and Deposits From Your Clothes

The chemicals in the water that comes from the water treatment plant contain chemicals. Over time, these chemicals will get into your clothes, making them smell funny and can cause the colors to fade quickly. These deposits can also cause skin rashes and allergies.

A water filtration system removes these deposits, which will protect your clothes. Also, a water filtration system will prevent the buildup of soap scum on your dishes and in the bathroom.

#7 Save Money On Plumbing and Appliance Repair Bills

Even though water is treated at the treatment plant, it still contains heavy metals, chemicals, and minerals that can cause damage to your plumbing system. The water can also affect the appliances in your home that use water, such as your washing machine, dishwasher, and refrigerators with ice makers and water dispensers.

A water filtration system removes these impurities, which will protect your appliances and your plumbing system. Having a water filtration system installed will reduce the cost of repairs.

#8 Minimize the Symptoms of Skin Conditions

If you or a family member has a skin condition such as eczema or psoriasis, the heavy metals, chlorine, and fluoride in treated water can exacerbate the symptoms.

Water filtration systems remove these impurities, making the skin condition more manageable.

#9 Reduce the Risk of Gastrointestinal Diseases

Even though the water that comes into your Vancouver, WA home is treated, it can still contain parasites and microorganisms that can cause gastrointestinal illness.

A water filtration system removes these parasites and organisms, reducing your risk of getting sick.

#10 You Will Be Prepared For a Disaster

If a sewer line breaks near your home, your water will become contaminated, and it won’t be safe for drinking. To safely use the water, you will have to boil it first.

A water filtration system will prevent contamination, and your water will be safe for use if disaster strikes.

Why Choose Pilot Plumbing & Drain?

If you are looking into water filtration systems, give Pilot Plumbing & Drain a call. We are a family-owned and operated business that has been serving customers in the area since 2005. We offer a wide variety of plumbing services, including:

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  • Faucet repair
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  • Water filtration system installation

Our goal is to ensure our customers are satisfied and always do our best to do so. If you aren’t sure, check out the reviews from customers on our website.

We can discuss the water filtration systems available so that you can choose the best one for your home and family.

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