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5 Items Not To Throw Down The Garbage Disposal To Avoid Needing Emergency Drain Cleaning Service | Battle Ground, WA


With time, you might notice that your drains start clogging up. This could be due to the fact that you’re not mindful about what you toss down the garbage disposal. Many homeowners make the mistake of thinking that it can handle everything that comes its way; however, the truth of the matter is that lots of different food items can bypass the garbage disposal and clog up the drains further down the line.

In most cases, tossing food items down the garbage disposal once or twice won’t make too big of a difference. The issue is when you regularly make a habit of tossing food items down the garbage disposal or if you don’t scrape the food off your dishes before you rinse it. When your drains get clogged, the first thing that you should do is call us for drain cleaning services in Battle Ground, WA. Our team can assess the situation, tell you what type of services you need and also help you figure out what condition your drains are in.

After that, you need to be more mindful of what you toss down the drains. If you avoid these 5 food items, it could really decrease your need for getting drain cleaning services in the future.

#1. Pasta

One food that many people believe is harmless is pasta. After all, it’s soft and squishy and can easily go down the drain. However, the starches in the pasta can actually break up too easily and get stuck on the sides of the drains. In most cases, the starch will wash off sooner or later; however, if you regularly cook pasta and toss the leftovers down the drain, you’ll find that you’ll need to call us regularly for drain cleaning services in Battle Ground, WA.

Instead of tossing your pasta down the drain, make sure that you scrape off as much of the leftovers as possible into the compost bin.

#2. Coffee Grounds

Instead of going to a coffee shop in the morning, many homeowners save quite a bit of money by making coffee at home. It’s not only more affordable, but it’s also convenient and can taste much better depending on where you get the coffee from. The one mistake that many people make is that they simply wash the espresso machine or the coffee maker in the sink and let the coffee grounds wash away down the drain.

This is one of the worst things that you can do. Although you might not realize it, coffee grounds can easily cling to the sides of the plumbing. Once it dries, it hardens and becomes an obstruction. If this happens on a regular basis, the coffee grounds can easily become a huge obstacle that requires extensive drain cleaning services.

#3. Fats and Grease

Do you like having bacon for breakfast? Or, do you have a diet that’s high in fat and grease? Getting rid of that fat and grease can be difficult and many people often find that it’s easiest to simply run hot water on those dishes until they’re easier to handle. While this may feel easier, it’s a huge burden on your drains and can result in you needing more drain cleaning services on a regular basis.

Instead, much like with the pasta, try to scrape off as much grease as possible. If you’re having difficulties, warm up the dishes. This should turn the fats and grease into its liquid form. From there, pour these substances into a tray or into a disposable bottle. Your drains will thank you!

#4. Eggshells

Eggs are a staple in many people’s diets. Once you crack your egg, where do you throw the eggshells? This is actually quite an important question.

Some people will toss it into the compost bin while others will actually wash them down the drain. This is another bad habit that you need to correct if it pertains to you. The eggshells, by themselves, are not really a big problem; however, they can easily get stuck with other muck that’s accumulated in the drains. Once that happens, the eggshells can become a force to reckon with, and you’ll need some extensive drain cleaning services to get rid of it all.

#5. Bones

Last but not least, it might feel tempting to toss small bones down the garbage disposal as it can easily cut it up and get rid of it. This is also another bad habit that you need to quit. Not only will the bones dull the blades of the garbage disposal, but these small chunks can easily cling onto other materials that are in the drains and add onto the obstruction, making it a lot more difficult to handle.

The best thing to do is to dump that into the garbage or the compost bin. You’ll usually find that your garbage disposal will also last longer and be more equipped to handle other things that come its way. Many people find that, with time, the garbage disposal becomes dull and may not do as great of a job as before. If you’re mindful of what you toss down the drain, this won’t be a problem.

Call Us for Drain Cleaning Services in Battle Ground, WA

Keep your drains in tiptop condition by getting drain cleaning services on a regular basis. Pilot Plumbing & Drain is one of the top plumbing companies in the area. We are top-rated by the Home Advisor, an accredited business by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and have won many awards and accolades in past years. Our top priority is to provide an unrivaled level of care to our customers and exemplary work. You can always trust us to provide you with the best plumbing services in the area.

To schedule drain cleaning services in the area, give us a call today. During the service, we can get a good look at the condition of your drains and provide you with more insight into what needs to be addressed.

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