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5 Plumbing Repairs Every Homeowner Should Know

Toilet Clog
When it comes to being a homeowner, there are many responsibilities we all have under our belts. Between keeping up with the landscaping, cleaning, getting annual roof checks, and most importantly, plumbing.

When it comes to being a homeowner, there are many responsibilities we all have under our belts. Between keeping up with the landscaping, cleaning, getting annual roof checks, and most importantly, plumbing. Now, we don’t expect all homeowners to know how to do everything a plumber can do, after all – that’s what we’re here for – we believe that there are 5 plumbing repairs that should be known to prevent an issue from getting worse.

Number One: Know Where the Shut Off Valve Is

Every appliance that uses water in your home is hooked up to a water valve. They may have their own valves in the case of trying to prevent a flood from just one of the appliances, or, there is a valve that shuts off all water supply to your entire home.

If you’re noticing that your washer, toilet, dishwasher, or any appliance is starting to leak, creating a puddle nearby, knowing where the shut off valve is and how to turn it off is important. After you’ve done that, your next step is to give us a call so we can help fix the issue.

Number Two: Replacing a Sink Aerator (or Faucet)

You’ve probably run into a bathroom or kitchen sink faucet breaking or getting old and gross-looking. Replacing these is actually quite simple. A simple YouTube video will show you how it’s done, or speaking to someone at your local Home Depot, Lowes, or similar store.

Number Three: Unclogging Toilets, Sinks, and Shower Drains

If you’ve never dealt with a clogged toilet, you’re probably lying to us. Toilet clogs, sink clogs, and shower drain clogs are all so normal when you live in a home – especially if you have a family. Always keep a plunger handy for the simple unclogging when it comes to the toilet.

As for a sink, you can always try the old wire coat hanger trick if you don’t have access to a snake. If you believe the clog is beyond simple repair, call a professional to prevent any further damage.

Also, most people like to pour Drain-O down the drain. This stuff works more like a bandaid – temporary. Plus, it can destroy the plumbing system and pipes. If you’re wearing rubber gloves, looking defeated, and the plunger is failing you – it’s time to give us a call.

If you’re into DIY fixes, try baking soda and boiling water. This can help clean drains naturally.

Number Four: Repair the Running Toilet

A running toilet is not only annoying to listen to, but it’s wasting a lot of water – which wastes a lot of money. The repair for this is usually a simple internal toilet tank replacement part. Turn the water off on the toilet and replace the part. It’s that simple. Again, check out some YouTube videos!

Number Five: Repairing a Jammed Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals will jam from time to time, especially if there are things that are going down in there that are not supposed to. The first thing you’ll want to do is check out the model. If you have the most popular type, you can un-jam it with a tool that can twist the blades back and forth until it releases whatever is caught.

If that doesn’t work or you have issues with that, give a professional a call for some help. Do NOT stick your hand in there!

If You Need a Plumber…

Give Pilot Plumbing and Drain a call. We offer both residential and commercial plumbing services, we’re family owned, neighborhood-loved, and award-winning. Not only can we take care of all of these simple plumbing tasks, but our plumbers are skilled and experienced in any kind of emergency plumbing service, leak detection & repair, sewer line repair, emergency water heater repair, and much more.

We have all of the solutions to all of your plumbing needs. Our emergency plumbing and maintenance plumbers are located in the heart of Vancouver, WA, and offer expert plumbing support to our surrounding communities.

We’re available any time, any day, and we know emergencies don’t usually want until nights and holidays are over – so, neither do we!

For over 15 years, we have been providing emergency plumbing services to residential and commercial customers in the Vancouver area. Our trusted plumbing professionals are licensed, precise, and dedicated to customer satisfaction and convenience.

You can get a FREE estimate right on our website! We look forward to helping you!

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