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Indications That You Need A Plumber | Vancouver, WA


There are going to be times when your sink blocks in the kitchen or the water heating system breaks down. A plumbing emergency usually occurs unexpectedly at any hour of the day or night, and the people of Vancouver, WA will quickly need the services of an expert plumber.

Many people will turn to Pilot Plumbing to help them. Each expert we hire has years of experience and is consistently trained to keep up to date with all the required skills to offer a competitive, modern, and professional plumbing service.

We have only been in business for 15 years, but we have already built up a reputation for the highest standards of workmanship at affordable prices. If you need an expert plumber in a hurry, then look no further than Pilot Plumbing.

Busted Pipes

Burst pipes are the job most associated with a plumber. We all have seen a cartoon or acrobat trying to catch all the drips of water from various areas holding pots and pans on their head, with both hands, a shoulder, and a foot. But a burst pipe is no laughing matter. Water is a very destructive force and can very quickly cause thousands of dollars worth of damage.

Even if you are insured water damage can cause a great deal of stress when you must replace carpets and furnishings. There can be a great emotional loss if the water has destroyed treasured family heirlooms.

It is vitally important that you find and turn off the main shutoff valve as quickly as possible. If you do not know where the valve is, then find out after you have read this article. The longer the burst pipe is running the longer it will take your home to dry out and for repairs to begin.

You Have a Leak Somewhere

For a burst pipe, you will need emergency plumber assistance, but this is not always the case for smaller leaks. It is still important to discover if you have a leak and where it is. Most pipework is located under the floorboard or behind walls, so a leak is not always easy to detect.

Often the first sign of a leak is a larger than expected water bill or a damp musty smell coming from under a sink or basin. If you suspect that you have a leak, then turn off all your water appliances and check the water meter. If the meter is still counting, then you have a leak somewhere. The leak may have been running for a while causing damage to the flooring and plasterboards, so it is important to hire a plumber to quickly locate and repair it.

Unusual Smells in Your Home

Musty smells usually come from damp areas near a leak. You could also identify a burning smell coming from your water heater. This might be caused by faulty wiring or a loose connection within the water heater. Overworked parts could also give off a burning smell. Any burning smell should not be ignored, there could be a potential fire risk with your water heater. Turn it off and call Pilot Plumbing immediately to be immediately inspected and to ensure your home or office is safe.

Toilet Is Filling Up Every Time You Flush & Subsequently Blocked

If you have been flushing items like wet wipes and Kleenex down a toilet you are increasing the risk of causing a blockage. These items are difficult to dissolve in water and cause blockages if not flushed away properly. You should only flush water, human waste, toilet tissue, and gentle cleaners down a toilet.

Repeatedly flushing the toilet to clear the blockage is also a bad idea as you are likely to overflow the toilet. If your toilet has overflowed, please call Pilot plumbing to help clean the mess. This is not a job you should attempt yourself as you run the risk of illness from all the germs and bacteria. Our team wears protective clothing to reduce the risk of infection in Vancouver, WA.

Sink or Shower Is Taking Longer and Longer to Drain 

If you have been pouring warm grease or food down your sink you increase the chances of a clog forming. The grease and food will stick to the inside of the pipes and restrict the flow of water. If you ignore this problem the clog will grow and eventually block the pipe.

You could pour chemicals down the sink to remove the clogs, but overuse will cause older pipework and joints to corrode and develop leaks. The safest way to remove clogs and not damage your pipework is to have a professional drain cleaning service from Pivot plumbing.

Discolored Water Gurgling Back into Your Sink or Toilet

A blocked or damaged sewer line may result in seeing discolored (gray) water backing up into your sink or toilet. Any wastewater from your home will have nowhere to exit to the main sewer network and will back up into the toilet, tubs, showers, sinks, and dish and clothes washing machines.

The sewage poses a serious health hazard, and you need an emergency drain cleaning by our expert team who will first locate and determine the extent of the problem. They could find damage to your sewer line in which case our plumber will outline the options available to you.

No Hot Water from Your Water Heater

A skilled plumber from Pilot Plumbing will be able to quickly find and fix the problem. We do recommend that you have your water heater regularly serviced, as this will not only ensure its safe running but will improve its efficiency so saving you on energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

But eventually, even the best-maintained water heater will break down. If you are starting to have more and more problems with your unit this may be a good time to invest in a new model. It is important to correctly determine the right-sized unit for your needs and budget. We at Pilot are on hand to help you and provide a myriad of options that would be best suited for your needs.

Pilot Plumbing – Why Call Us?

We take great pleasure in serving our local community of Vancouver, WA. We understand that an emergency plumber could be necessary any time, which is why there will always be someone available to help you. Whenever you need a highly qualified plumber at an affordable price call Pilot Plumbing today!

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