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Understanding Vancouver Pipe Leak Causes

Pipe Leak Causes

Every homeowner dreads finding their residence flooded due to pipe leak causes, especially in Vancouver. This mess can cause significant water wastage and the resulting property damage may be costly to repair.

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, household water leakages account for about 10,000 gallons of water wasted annually. The agency also reported 10 percent of all American households to be having plumbing leaks that waste approximately 90 gallons of water daily. If leakage sources are left unattended, they can pose health risks such as frequent coughing and skin irritation since they may increase the rate of fungi and mold growth.

Additionally, homeowners may experience unreasonably high water bills. Fortunately, they can avoid this by contacting a trained plumber that can help troubleshoot plumbing problems on time, thus saving on future repair costs. Meanwhile, below are some of the common causes of water pipe leak in the plumbing system:

Broken Seals

During the installation of new plumbing fixtures, your plumber in Vancouver, WA may mount rubber sealants in the connecting pipes to ensure that appliances such as dishwashers don’t leak. The rubber sealant may wear out or break if the pipes and appliances have been used for a long time.

Damaged Pipe Joints

In many cases, the weakest points in a water line are often where your home’s water pipes join together. Pests such as rats and moles may invade the waterline, resulting in leakages. They can damage the pipe network depending on how the plumbing interface is structured. With time, excessive water pressure and extreme temperatures may begin to take a toll on the pipe joints, making them deteriorate or even break.

Intruding Tree Roots

Some homeowners in Vancouver, WA may enjoy growing trees around their backyards to increase the curb appeal of their residence. The trees may grow fast and their big roots may at some point end up damaging underground water pipes or even the house’s foundation.

Clogged Lines

Clogs in plumbing lines can be annoying to homeowners, especially if they happen in the kitchen drain lines or the sewer line. Without proper action, clogged plumbing lines can cause the pipes to burst, resulting in expensive-to-fix flood damages. The continuous accumulation of rust and wastewater may also result in a blockage that can cause pipes to break, especially if the clog contains household chemical residue.

Excess Water Pressure

Well, when water hits plumbing pipes with great force, it increases the chances of water leakages occurring. Your home’s water line system requires a limited amount of water flowing through it to ensure efficient functionality. To keep your residential plumbing system from bursting from the inside out, schedule an appointment with a plumber so that they can test the water pressure and adjust it accordingly.

Loose Water Connectors

Hoses and pipes supplying water into your Vancouver, WA home may sometimes become loose. When pipes shift their position, leaks may begin to develop. If you notice water flowing from the supply line or collecting in puddles around your home’s plumbing appliances, it could mean that the water connector may be damaged, a situation that warrants contacting a professional for solutions.

Poor Pipe Layering

Hiring an inexperienced plumber can add more problems to your home’s plumbing instead of fixing them. A good plumbing technician should ensure that the water in your household flows against gravity. Moreover, the pipes and connectors should be fitted properly, and the backflow devices should be present and functional. To prevent unnecessary repair and replacement costs, you should take your time when looking for a certified plumber for any plumbing project in your home.

Underground Movements

Catastrophic weather phenomena such as earthquakes, storms, and floods may trigger water line leakages and subsequent water supply issues. Such weather occurrences may trigger underground movements, causing plumbing pipes to shift. Thereafter, the pipes may bend or even crack as the movements intensify, eventually causes pipe leak. Luckily after such scenarios, a plumber can provide inspection and maintenance services for your underground water line to avoid future problems.

Fixture Cracks

Fixtures may break due to factors such as high pressure. They may also crack or break due to minor household incidents such as someone stumbling and latching onto a faucet for support, causing it to crack. In such situations, you should hire a trained plumber to replace the broken fixture to avoid further plumbing leakages.


When corrosion occurs on the inside or outside of pipe walls, the piping infrastructure may start weakening, making it unable to accommodate the water pressure flowing through them and subsequently causing water leakages. Corrosion can result from the plumbing system rusting and aging.

Some corrosions may become so intense that they can create openings within the pipes allowing the water to escape. You should ask a professional plumbing technician to upgrade your home’s plumbing system to avoid such problems.

Experiencing Pipe Leaks? Talk to an Expert Plumbing Service Provider!

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If you need drain cleaning, sewer line repair, and water heater repair solutions, Pilot Plumbing Services is here to help. Additionally, if you have a plumbing emergency that may require immediate leak detection and repair, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Pipe Leak Causes
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Understanding Vancouver Pipe Leak Causes

Every homeowner dreads finding their residence flooded due to pipe leak causes, especially in Vancouver. This mess can cause significant water wastage and the resulting