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Plumber Tips: Benefits Of Installing Copper Plumbing Pipes In Your Home | Portland, OR


Copper plumbing pipes have become the standard piping material some homeowners opt to have in their homes. The piping material has existed for many years before manufacturing companies introduced PVC pipes in the 1970s.

A professional plumber may recommend you invest in copper pipes for your new or existing home for increased plumbing efficiency. Although copper pipes face stiff competition from other materials, including PEX, PVC, and CPVC, they still have reasons you’ll need them in your house.

Keep reading to discover why plumbers prioritize copper plumbing pipes over other piping materials.


Copper pipes are reputable for their longevity since they can handle water pressure of up to 1000 PSI. Water flowing at high pressure into your Portland, OR, home poses a risk to the safety of the pipes.

The affected pipes may burst if they can’t handle the excess pressure, leading to great inconveniences, including water flowing to appliances and faucets at low pressure. Additionally, burst pipes can lead to water wastage and flooding inside homes.

Copper plumbing pipes are also resistant to hot and cold weather conditions, making them evade pipe freezing. Freezing inside pipes prevents water from flowing into your home. On average, copper plumbing pipes last between 50 and 70 years, depending on the water quality, surrounding conditions, operation frequency, and supply patterns.

Look for a nearby plumber to install copper pipes in your home if you desire to have long-lasting water lines in your home that require fewer repairs. The plumbing company you get should explain the unique features of copper pipes, including a higher corrosion resistance rate.

You can also ask the technicians to install your new pipes outdoors since they are not vulnerable to damage by sunlight and snow.

Fire Resistance

Copper plumbing pipes have a higher thermal rating compared to other plumbing material pipes. It gives them the unique fire resistance feature. Having copper pipes installed in your home minimizes the chances of incurring excess losses in case of a fire hazard.

You can rest assured that the copper pipes will not spread the fire to other areas such as the drywall and ceilings. These pipes help contain the fire allowing homeowners and firefighters to manage its effects.

Reach out to your trusted plumbing company to have their plumbers install copper plumbing pipes to create a fire-resistant plumbing system in your home that in turn boosts your confidence levels about home safety. Additionally, you may consider replacing your other pipes with copper pipes if your home is susceptible to frequent fires.

Less Impact On The Environment

Copper pipes, unlike PVC and PEX pipes, release less toxic chemicals to the environment during manufacturing. Also, copper plumbing pipes can be recycled or reused at the end of their life cycle.

The pipes are susceptible to few leaks and breakages, reducing the level of water wastage, which, in turn, reduces the impact on the environment.

If you’re an environment enthusiast, consider hiring a reputable plumbing company to install copper pipes in your home. The plumbing technician will advise you on the advantages of copper pipes and how beneficial they can be to conserving the environment as they inspect your water needs.

Easier To Install

Most plumbers find it less cumbersome to install copper pipes than galvanized steel pipes since they’re less bulky than galvanized steel pipes. Copper pipes are flexible enough to stretch over long distances in your home.

Also, copper is more durable; therefore, it does not require many support materials such as pipe hangers and split ring pipe supports during installation.

Since no support materials are needed, the pipes are less expensive to install, and the process is seamless. Additionally, the technician you get won’t have to conduct a lot of groundwork to protect the pipes from damage by natural elements such as storms and lightning.

If you’re searching for new plumbing pipes or are looking to replace the existing ones in your Portland, OR, home, consider sourcing the services of a qualified plumber to install copper pipes. The expert will assess your water needs and the surrounding environment and recommend correct plumbing measurements for your home.

They Don’t Contaminate Water

Plumbing pipes built from lead, iron, or galvanized steel materials may introduce unknown substances into the water flowing through them. However, copper pipes are less susceptible to corrosion and don’t release toxic substances, thus you’ll receive clean water for drinking, grooming, and cooking in your Portland, OR, home.

Consider reaching out for a reliable plumbing professional to install copper pipes in your house for toxic-free, clean water. It will help you avoid the high medical bills arising from illnesses linked to consuming contaminated water.


Copper is bendy and formable to allow plumbers to manipulate it to fit any angles and joints. Therefore, you won’t have to purchase extra plumbing fittings such as joints and elbows to cut corners or go round walls. Additionally, copper’s bendy nature allows plumbers to use less wall and ceiling space during installation, repair, or renovation of the piping systems.

If you’re pressed on space or budget for extra appliances, you can have a plumbing company install copper pipes in your home without much hassle. The technician you get will assess the structural design of your home and develop a plan that uses less space and plumbing joints and elbows.

Pilot Plumbing & Drain: A Reliable Plumbing Company

It’s time to invest in copper pipes to enjoy the above benefits that may not be available when you use galvanized steel, iron, or lead pipes. However, don’t get tempted to conduct the installation on your own. It could result in mistakes that can, in turn, lead to expensive repair and reinstallation costs in the future.

Reach out to Pilot Plumbing & Drain for state-of-the-art installation, repair, and maintenance services tailored for your personalized needs. Our plumbers are trained and certified to handle all brands and types of plumbing appliances. We respond to plumbing emergencies promptly.

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