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Plumber Tips: Types Of Water Softeners Ideal For Your Home | Portland, OR


The underground water supply in Portland, OR, is averagely hard. Hard water is detrimental to the condition of copper supply pipes because it causes clogging. It also leads to soap wastage as it does not lather easily with cleaning detergents. Additionally, bathing with hard water could leave your skin and hair itchy and dry. It also fades the clothes you wash and, in the long run, increases your water bill.

Homeowners get plumbers to install water softeners in their homes to avoid the challenges of using hard water. Water softeners eliminate Magnesium and Calcium mineral elements from the water, leaving it soft and safe for use.

There are different water softener types that your plumber can install in your home, depending on factors such as capacity, budget, and preference. Keep reading to ascertain the water softener that’s perfect for your home.

Ion Exchange Water Softeners

These are the most common water softeners and employ a scientific process known as ion exchange to eliminate minerals from the hard water. Usually, hard water contains Magnesium and Calcium mineral deposits while the water softener contains positively charged Sodium ions.

The water softeners contain special salt that is poured over a resin bed in resin tanks. The salt ions attract the magnesium and calcium minerals in the water, leaving the water soft and safe for use. Once the resin runs out of salt, the regeneration cycle begins all over again. It occurs after you pour water on the brine sink, at least once a week.

The ion exchange water softener doesn’t provide much other than softening your water, and it requires a regular refill of the brine tank. Conversely, the resin does not require refilling for several years. If you’re searching for a new water softener or need to replace the one in your home, consider having your favorite plumbing company install this kind of water softener.

Salt-Free Water Softeners

These kinds of water softeners don’t require as much maintenance as ion exchange water softeners. Instead of taking the hardness out of the water, they neutralize the hard water minerals to prevent them from sticking together, which essentially causes water hardness.

Salt-free water softeners are advantageous because they contain a filtration system to eliminate impurities in water rather than only softening it. Additionally, they take up less space.

Although their initial cost might be higher, they are less costly in the long run as they do not require a weekly refill of the salt. Reach out to your favorite plumber to handle the installation of a salt-free water softener in your home if you prefer to have clean and pure drinking water.

Dual-Tank Water Softeners

Dual-tank water softeners feature two tanks; one is always in operation while the other is in regeneration. Essentially, they are ion exchange water softeners with double tanks. If your home in Portland, OR, has many dwellers that need soft water, these types of water softeners are ideal.

The downside to these softeners is that they’re capital intensive to purchase, and they take up more space than sing-tank water softeners.

Contact a reliable plumber to have dual-tank water softeners if your household requires large amounts of soft water during the day.

Electronic Descalers

Electronic descalers, also known as softener system alternatives, soften water without removing the hard minerals. Like salt-free water softeners, these magnetic water softeners create an electronic field that neutralizes the hard minerals.

The magnetic field prevents Magnesium and Calcium from bonding, making them insoluble. It, in turn, blocks the minerals from building up in the copper pipes. These water softeners are easy to install as they are not mechanical and don’t require much maintenance.

However, your plumber should notify you that they are dependent on electricity and do not get rid of the hard minerals. Contact a reliable plumbing company to install electronic descalers if you’re on a tight budget as they are relatively affordable.

Reverse Osmosis Water Softeners

Reverse Osmosis Water Softeners clear any water impurities, including hardness, foul smells, unpleasant smells, chlorine, and dirt. They feature a reverse osmosis membrane that expels microscopic and minute particles out of the water.

These water softeners are ideal for Portland, OR, homeowners that prefer extremely clean and healthy water in continuous supply in the taps.

Conversely, your plumber should advise you that this water softener can only supply soft water to a single faucet at a time. Additionally, they are also expensive to purchase and install. They also require attention from the plumbing company as filters are prone to damage.

Showerhead Water Softeners

It may be expensive to purchase water softeners for each appliance in your home. With this in mind, you can opt for an affordable water softener for your shower. They’re ideal for homeowners that require soft water for their hair and skin.

You can get a reliable plumbing company to install this water softener by replacing the old showerhead with a softener filter. However, the technician should remind you that the filter needs replacement every two months as the mineral deposits accumulate on its surface. These water softeners are also available in vitamin option filters to revitalize the user’s skin.

Portable Water Softeners

|These water softeners make it possible to have soft water wherever you go. They’re ideal for owners of RV homes. They require no electricity and may go for several weeks before needing a refill of the salt.

They can supply enough water for drinking or showering for a few people but are not ideal for a large group of people. Reach out to a nearby plumber to install this water softener in your RV home for soft water.

Pilot Plumbing & Drain: Plumbers You Can Rely On

Pilot Plumbing & Drain has a knowledgeable staff that advises homeowners on what water softener is ideal for their homes, depending on their budget and the volume of soft water needed.

Do not hesitate to give us a call whenever you’re looking for plumbing solutions, including water softener installation, repair, and maintenance. Our plumbers have modern equipment and the necessary training to repair and install all plumbing fixtures. We also respond to plumbing emergencies.

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