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Plumbing Service Tips: Most Common Plumbing Pipes In Homes | Portland, OR


Plumbing pipes are the main water supply channels that ensure all the faucets in a household have water. The drainage system also requires a piping system that moves all the wastewater and sewage from the house to the sewer lines or septic tanks. Making the correct choice of plumbing pipes can be confusing for most homeowners in Portland, OR homes because of the several options available.

You will want to know the appropriate pipes for the drainage, water, exterior distribution, and sewers for efficiency. They should supply water and drain excess, dirty water and sewage to maintain a clean house without smells that can permeate your surroundings, causing preventable illnesses. You will require the help of a plumbing service expert to choose the plumbing pipes that are fit for your house.

Before installing the piping system in a home, the plumber should comply with the new laws passed by the Environmental Protection Agency in 2020 that prohibit pipes and plumbing fittings and fixtures that are not lead-free. The following are the most common plumbing pipes in homes.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

PVC makes plastic pipes for underground sprinklers, low-pressure drainage systems, and pumping systems for pools. They are the most common types of plumbing pipes in the plumbing market across the country and Portland, OR because it is best for drains and vents. The PVC pipes are light and easy to use compared to steel and copper pipe materials.

Plumbing service experts can install the PVC pipes easily because they are easy to cut and glue with solvents. They are also simple to work with clearly marked diameters on the surface. However, PVC pipes cannot be separated once joined, implying that cutting is the only way to separate them.

They are prone to crack and leak and cannot withstand high temperatures from the scorching sunlight. Plumber service professionals install PVC pipes inside a home because they will degrade when exposed to the sun for a long time.

PEX Pipes

Residential PEX water supply pipes or cross-linked polyethylene are from Europe and entered the USA plumbing market in 1984. They are popular because of their flexibility to move through crawl spaces, ceilings, and walls during installation by a plumbing service professional. PEX pipes are also responsible for supplying clean water to a household and can withstand high temperatures from the sun and water pressure.

The water lines are perfect for potable hot and cold water supply and can also be efficient in water heaters because of the color-coding with red for hot and blue for cold. PEX pipes are highly durable, reliable, and safe, making them the preference of most homeowners and plumbing providers. They can also be used with copper pipes and still be efficient.

However, the PEX water lines are not legal in all the counties or states in the country, and a professional will know how to check the codes before they allow you to purchase them for installation in your home. The hired plumbing providers should ensure accurate and correct installation of the PEX pipes and fittings and test them before use.

Copper Pipes

Waterlines made of copper are the most common in the plumbing market. Copper pipes are of diverse sizes or qualities, including thin wall pipes for indoor plumbing, thicker wall pipes for outdoor water supply, and thick pipes for supply water from the municipality.

A plumbing service provider can install either soft or rigid copper pipes in your home, whichever you prefer. They are perfectly resistant to rust, making them the best for people that want a durable piping system in their buildings.

Copper pipes are also the first choice for most plumbing providers because they are easy to connect to valves, making the installation process hassle-free. However, copper water lines cannot withstand water with lower PH levels or high acidity. So, get a plumber to install water treatment systems at the point of entry and use them to make the water less acidic to protect your copper pipes from degrading faster.

Galvanized Steel Pipes

Galvanized pipes are also popular in most old homes. Plumbing service experts install the piping system for drainage and water supply purposes. Owners of new residential properties avoid the galvanized steel pipes because of numerous downsides that include rusting or corroding faster when saturated in water.

The galvanized water lines have a lifespan of 40 years, and when they start to rust, the entire pipe will eventually corrode, drastically shortening its life. The rust also makes the water flow to your home color, which is impossible to use for drinking, cooking, or white laundry.

Another reason why plumbing service providers avoid galvanized steel pipes is the mismatch with other metals. The mismatch with most metals such as copper or brass facilitates the corrosion of the water or drainage pipes. With the high chances of rusting, a homeowner is prone to have more plumbing issues such as leakages, burst water or rain lines, and expensive repairs.

Therefore, to be on the safe side and have a healthy plumbing system for a long time, you should avoid galvanized steel pipes and look for other options. But, if you must have the pipes, make sure the plumbing service technician you hire should bond two pipes electrically to protect other grounded water and drain lines.

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