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The Most Common Needs For An Emergency Plumber In Homes | Portland, OR


Almost every home in Portland, OR, depends on a properly functioning plumbing system. Indeed, your plumbing system ensures that your house has a constant supply of clean water at the right temperature and pressure. The plumbing system is also responsible for draining out the wastewater from your home. Therefore, when your home’s plumbing system has a problem, it can cause serious inconveniences. Although there are several preventive steps you might have taken to minimize the risk of emergency plumbing breakdowns, your plumbing system can still develop problems that can make it necessary for you to call an emergency plumber, such as Pilot Plumbing. Below is a rundown of some common plumbing emergencies that we at Pilot Plumbing deal with almost daily.

Water Heater Malfunction

Your water heater is designed to ensure that you have enough hot water for bathing, cleaning, cooking, and washing hands. Therefore, when the water heater is broken, life in your house can become quite uncomfortable. For instance, if your water heater is not heating water at all, you will definitely not fancy the idea of taking a shower early in the morning. Besides, if the water coming from your water heater is too hot, it can lead to serious injuries. Furthermore, if the water from your faucets is discolored, it indicates that your water heater could be rusty, and if this is the case, home appliances such as water washing machines might get damaged. Therefore, most water heater issues require the immediate attention of an emergency plumber, such as Pilot Plumbing in Portland, OR.

Overflowing Toilet

Under normal circumstances, water should quickly drain out of your toilet as soon as you have flushed the toilet. However, if there is a blockage, this may not happen. In such a situation, water will overflow the toilet instead of getting drained out? Unfortunately, this can turn your bathroom into an unsightly site and even make it unusable. Furthermore, your toilet’s floor is not designed to take a lot of stagnant water, and therefore, if the issue is not fixed immediately, it can lead to damages that can be quite costly. As such, if your toilet is blocked, it is imperative for you to ensure that you seek the attention of an emergency plumber or risk making your toilet unusable and your house uninhabitable.

Sewer Backup

The sewer lines are responsible for moving wastewater from your home into the public sewer or septic tank. When the sewer line has a problem, wastewater could flow back to your house instead of joining the public sewer. This problem can be caused by issues such as aging sewer lines, blockage in the sewer line, tree roots entering the sewer line, sump pump failure, poor septic tank maintenance, and deteriorated or cracked sewer lateral, among others. But whatever the cause might be, sewer backup can create a big mess in your home, and therefore, you cannot wait another day to get the issue fixed. In other words, you need to seek the attention of an emergency plumber, such as Pilot Plumbing, as soon as you notice that there is a sewer backup.

Burst Pipes

A burst pipe is also a common plumbing issue that needs the immediate attention of an emergency plumber. But what can cause a water pipe to burst? In most cases, the cases of burst pipes are attributed to pipe damages caused by excavation works, shifting ground, or intruding tree roots. But whatever the cause might be, a burst pipe can lead to several problems, especially if it is not addressed with the urgency it deserves. For instance, it can cause flooding that can lead to serious property damages. Besides, a burst pipe can also cut off your home from the main water supply or severely reduce the water pressure in your house. But since you do not have the right tools and skills to fix a burst water pipe decisively, you will need to call a dependable emergency plumbing service near you as soon as you notice that there is a burst pipe in your property.

Clogged Drains

Clogged drains are some of the most common plumbing problems in homes. They usually begin as slow drains that a lot of homeowners ignore or try to fix using a plunger instead of calling an emergency plumber. However, a fully developed drain clog can be more than a mere inconvenience. Indeed, when your drains are clogged, it can make it impossible for you to use your bathroom and sinks. It can also cause a foul smell in your house. Unfortunately, removing clogs is not easy without the right equipment and skills. Therefore, although you may try using a plunger, you are unlikely to succeed, especially if the clog is located too deep within the drain pipes. Therefore, when you notice that your home has a clogged drain, it is imperative for you to ensure that you seek the attention of a professional emergency plumber. Professionals have the necessary tools and expertise to ensure that all kinds of drain clogs are quickly located and cleared.

The Bottom Line

Overall, it is apparent that your home’s plumbing system can develop problems that must be addressed urgently. For instance, if your toilet is blocked or there is a sewer backup, then such an issue cannot wait another day. Therefore, as a homeowner, it is imperative for you to stay in touch with a professional plumber to ensure that you have an expert you can count on to respond to all your emergency plumbing issues within the shortest time humanly possible. If you are looking for a reliable emergency plumber in Portland, OR, Pilot Plumbing is an excellent plumbing contractor to consider. We have been in the plumbing business for many years, and you can count on our expertise and experience to help you deal with any plumbing emergency. Besides, we understand how important your plumbing system is, and therefore, we offer 24/7 plumbing services. As such, you can count on us to respond to your call of distress at any time and quickly send an emergency plumber as soon as you have called us. Get in touch with us at Pilot Plumbing & Drain today for more information about our company and services.

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