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Things Your Plumber Understands About Your Home That Might Surprise You | Vancouver, WA

Pipe material, foundation settling issues, drain pipe corrosion, and backflow are also on your plumber's mind depending on the job they're doing for you.
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There are a lot of details that go into quality plumbing including pipe slope, vent pipes, and capacity calculations, water pressure regulation and water hammer control. Pipe material, foundation settling issues, drain pipe corrosion, and backflow are also on your plumber’s mind depending on the job they’re doing for you. Residential water systems are carefully designed for your health and safety and proper interfacing with the public water supply, but time changes things, along with past plumbing work and unanticipated effects. In order to give you the benefits your home’s plumbing was designed to provide, at Pilot Plumbing serving Vancouver, WA our plumbers have to be well-trained, tested, and experienced. That’s a good thing.

A Professional, Licensed Plumber Brings Important Skills to Even the Smallest Jobs

Repacking the valve in your hot water faucet is a quick plumbing job, but if the hot water smells a bit “off,” there may be more to the story. A professional may suggest that you have your hot water heater looked at, to ensure that the anode rod and other components are working properly. The smell could be an indication that the water quality is degrading due to a malfunction. If your sink or toilet in the kids’ bathroom keeps overflowing, a skilled plumber can help reduce the drama in the future by noting if there’s no nearby shutoff valve and suggesting one be installed, so there’s less drama in your home when kids are kids.

An Ancient Training System for an Honorable Profession

Plumbers have the good fortune to be trained through the apprenticeship system, which originated in the late Middle Ages. It’s a method by which a trade is passed on through both learning and experience, using personal connections to encourage learners directly along the way. When your plumber is making sure that he doesn’t join two dissimilar metals because of the long term degradation that can result, or makes sure that a replacement drain line has the right slope to keep the water flowing, you can be sure that he or she has been carefully taught and reminded of these principles from the classroom to the workplace.

Good Plumbing Can Last for Generations

Sometimes good plumbing lasts long enough that archaeologists find it intact, as has occurred with terracotta piping in ancient Rome. Generally, though, our professionals design and lay piping so that it will remain in walls, under floors, and even under concrete foundations for generations. Limitations of the materials sometimes require us to revisit piping ten or twenty years later, but we do a job that we expect to last. These days we also have skills and techniques that allow us to inspect and maintain plumbing, including your sewer line, so that it lasts as long as possible before replacement. Our craft and the ways it allows us to improve your home’s plumbing continue to evolve.

The Ways We Can Help You Enjoy Your Home Life with Water Are Evolving, Too

The same team that rolls up their sleeves when you have emergency plumbing needs or maintenance work to do here in the Vancouver, WA area can also make exciting changes to your plumbing with the latest fixtures and appliances. It doesn’t have to be a big remodeling project, though we’re glad to help with those, it can be as simple as installing a more ferocious garbage disposal to replace the one that came with the house so many years ago, or upgrading your dishwasher to a new nearly-silent model. Kitchen sink technology can include voice-operated faucets and much more, and in the bathroom for many people the old single-head shower is a thing of the past, and new options including full 360-degree coverage makes their day start with a zing. Even toilets have gone high-tech, with bidet options helping people cut back on paper usage as well.

A Few Changes Can Make a Big Difference to Seniors, Children, and Disabled Family Members

One-size-fits-all plumbing is a thing of the past for many people, as diverse families are being well served by plumbing designed to be easy to use, and often much safer, too. Our plumbers can adjust existing plumbing and install fixtures that are shorter, change toilets to ones that are easier to get up from, and make sure that your hand washing water temperatures are hot enough, but not too hot for sensitive hands.

Pilot Plumbing’s plumbers can also change faucets to require less force, provide joystick-style control, or even offer the ability to turn them on or off by voice or waving hands nearby. Of course, if you don’t already have proper ADA hand grips in your shower and by your toilet as well as anywhere else they’re needed, we can help you get them installed for easy, more independent bathroom visits.

Pilot Plumbing’s Plumbers Are Experts On How Plumbing Serves Your Home

Our team has the experience, training, and mentoring to understand how plumbing fits into your lifestyle, and how the plumbing equipment in your home can serve you well for many decades. We’re the people young homeowners turn to when they’re facing potential major plumbing issues, such as sewer and water line issues, when they’re not sure what care or replacement their water heater needs, and when they need advice on remodeling an older home’s plumbing.

As the years go by, we may come to the rescue for stopped-up drains that everyone will laugh about years later, or help minimize the damage from a pipe leak hidden in the walls. Since plumbing is what we do and we’re well prepared for it, we have the confidence of experience and can often solve plumbing’s mysteries with a simple, reassuring phrase: “we’ve seen this before.” Knowing the homes in the Vancouver, WA area gives us a special expertise and local knowledge that gives us an edge. Give us at Pilot Plumbing a call, to get to know us or to have us rush over for emergency service.

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