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Time For A Plumber? Faucet Leak Problems and Signs to Watch Out For | Battle Ground, WA


Drip, drip, drip; you may be familiar with this sound. It’s the persistent leaking from your kitchen faucet, bathtub, bathroom sink, or laundry sink. Faucets control water flow in kitchen sinks and bathrooms. A faucet has a restrictor or an aerator that regulates the amount of water flowing into the plumbing fixtures in your home.

Just like other plumbing fixtures, faucets can also leak. Water leaks are a common plumbing problem that most homeowners experience and can lead to high water bills and property damage. An average household leak in a U.S home can waste about 10,000 gallons of water annually. About 10 percent of households have water leak issues that can trigger wastage of about 90 gallons per day.

Some faucet leaks are easy to detect, such as a dripping faucet even when the tap is off. Although some leaks can be obvious, others can occur in areas that are difficult to locate. Only a professional plumber can help you find the source of the leak and address it. Below are some signs of leaky faucets you should know about.

Dripping Faucets

Drips from the spout are an obvious sign you have a faucet leak. In most cases, you may notice that the faucet is dripping even after you shut off the handles. Some homeowners may try to tighten the taps while closing or adjusting the faucets to prevent them from dripping.

If dripping persists even after tightening the taps, you should seek help from a certified plumber in Battle Ground, WA. Faucet leaks are common, and a small leak can worsen if you ignored them. At an early stage, such leaks can be irregular, and you can hardly notice them. As time goes, they become apparent and constant, hence increasing your water bill if not addressed.

Therefore, if you notice any dripping in your kitchen or bathroom sinks, you should contact a professional right away to address the issue.

Water Spots Around the Base of the Faucet

Leaks at the bottom of the faucet are another indication of a malfunctioning faucet. It may not be an obvious sign because most folks often splash water around the sink or the faucet base. For this reason, you may find it difficult to tell whether there is a leak or not unless you hire a plumber to examine the situation.

You may notice there’s a leak in the area if you frequently clean or dry the sink deck as well as the bottom of the faucet. In most cases, the area is constantly wet even after drying.

To avoid such leaks, request a plumber during regular maintenance to examine your faucets to know whether there’s a leak at the base of the faucets. A professional will dry any water spots, turn off the taps, and then observe any leaks around the bottom.

If the faucet is leaking at the base, it could be due to incorrect installation or a damaged internal O-ring. The O-ring seals the faucet body, and when damaged, it can let water through the faucet and out at the bottom when the tap is on. A certified plumber would replace the worn-out O-ring or re-install the faucets if the leaks were due to poor installation.

A Noisy Handle

Faucets can produce various sounds based on the level of damage. If you can hear any sound when you turn your tap on or off, it could indicate a problem that needs immediate help from a professional plumber in Battle Ground, WA. If the tap produces a screeching sound, it’s an indication of worn-out rubber washers.

At times, turning the taps becomes difficult because some components could be failing. Some homeowners may try to resolve this issue by applying a lubricant, but the problem may persist. It’s advised to have an expert inspect your faucets and rectify the issue.

A Spitting Faucet

The water coming from the taps in your home should be in a straight line. If you notice water coming out of the faucets is flowing at odd angles, it could mean that the tap could be having some issues. Some unusual noises may accompany the problem.

An uneven discharge can interfere with your daily water usage and may even result in excessive water wastage. The issue could be due to clogs or broken aerator that results in inconsistent water flow. You should hire a plumber to clean clogs present in the faucet or replace worn-out parts to restore the normal water pressure in your plumbing fixtures.

Leaks Under the Sink

Faucet leaks may also occur beneath your kitchen or bathroom sinks. The problem is usually difficult to recognize since most homeowners may fail to inspect the areas below their sinks regularly. Leaks under the sinks can cause severe damages since the water goes to the floor resulting in mold and mildew formation that damages your foundation leading to costly repairs.

You may note dried water rings under the kitchen sink or wet spots on kitchen and bathroom floors. A leak under the sink could be due to a loose connection of the tap to the plumbing pipes or the main water supply.

Loose connections allow water to seep through the faucet to the floor and eventually cause mold patches. Worn-out faucet components can also result in water leaks. Noticing the issue sooner can save you some cash on expensive repairs. An experienced plumber can assess the situation to determine whether the faucets need repair or a replacement.

Contact an Expert Plumber You Can Trust

Plumbing fixtures require faucets that are in good condition to ensure a smooth water flow throughout your home. A leaky faucet can result in property damage and high water bills.

Therefore, if you reside in Battle Ground, WA, and you are experiencing faucet problems in your home, you should consider calling Pilot Plumbing. We have licensed trained professionals to help you fix leaks and install new faucets in your home. We are available for emergency plumbing services. Give us a call.

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