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Reliable Water Heater Repair

Water Heater Repair in Battle Ground

Water Heater Repair: Every appliance in your home makes your home more efficient, and they make life easier. Although every appliance is important, your water heater is more important than most. If your water heater isn’t working properly, you won’t be able to take a shower, wash your hands, or perform many daily household tasks. Also, your water-based appliances that rely on hot water, such as your dishwasher and washing machine, won’t function properly.

If you want to prevent a complete water heater breakdown, it is essential that you can recognize the signs that you need to schedule an appointment for water heater repair. This will allow you to catch a problem early before it becomes a major issue.

#1 No Hot Water

No hot water is the most obvious sign that you need to call for water heater repair.. Before you make the call, there are a couple of things that you should check. If you have an electric water heater, make sure that the circuit didn’t trip. If you have a gas or oil water heater, ensure that your service was not turned off or that there isn’t a widespread outage.

So, If everything checks out, you should call for water heater repair. If the heating elements aren’t functioning properly, the water in the tank won’t heat up. Until you call a plumber specializing in water heaters, you won’t have any hot water.

#2 The Water Isn’t Getting Hot Enough

If you notice that your hot water isn’t getting as hot as you would like, you should first check the thermostat. The Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends that you keep your thermostat set no higher than 120 degrees to prevent scalding. If your water heater is set much lower than 120 degrees, it could be the cause of your problem. If you turn up the thermostat, you should be all set. You should also consider the temperature outdoors. If it is freezing, the water coming into the house will be very cold as well, and it will make it more difficult for the water heater to heat the water properly.

If the thermostat is set correctly and it isn’t freezing outside, one of the unit’s heating elements could be broken. When this happens, you will only have one heating element heating the water, and it won’t be enough to reach the desired temperature. You will need a plumber specializing in water heaters if your water is going to reach the temperature you like.

#3 Poor Hot Water Pressure

Poor water pressure can be a hassle. If the water pressure is poor in your home, you will need to spend twice as much time in the shower trying to rinse the shampoo from your hair. You will also struggle to get food and grease off of your dishes. Also, your washing machine and dishwasher might not function properly if your hot water pressure is poor.

If the hot and cold water pressure is poor, the problem is likely a leaking water line. If just the hot water pressure is poor, your issue is with the water heater. When sediment builds up inside the water tank, it can clog the waterline, causing poor hot water pressure. This is a problem that should only be handled by a plumber who specializes in water heater repair.

#4 You Are Running Out Of Hot Water Quickly

If you find that you can barely finish a shower without running out of hot water, don’t call for water heater repair just yet. First, think about your household. If a new member has recently moved in, your hot water demand will increase, which could be causing the problem. This is the case, you will need a larger water tank or a tankless water heater that provides hot water on demand.

If there have been no changes in your home, the problem is with your water heater. Over time, sediment builds up inside the tank, making less room for heater water to be stored. Until you call a plumber specializing in repairs, you won’t be able to enjoy a hot shower from start to finish.

#5 Your Hot Water Is Rusty

If you turn on the water in your home, and it comes out rusty, it is an emergency. Rusty water isn’t safe for bathing, drinking, and cooking; therefore, you need to fix the problem immediately. If the hot and cold water is rusty, the problem is likely a corroded pipe that needs to be replaced. If just the hot water is rusty, the problem is with your water heater. When sediment builds up inside the water tank, it can break up when the water heats up, and it will come out in the hot water. It is essential that you contact a plumber specializing in water heater repair immediately.

#6 Your Water Heater Makes a Banging Or Clanging Sound

When your water heater is functioning properly, it should be very quiet. At most, you will hear a low-level hum. If you hear strange noises, such as banging or clanging sounds, you should call a plumber specializing in water heater repair. If you ignore the problem, large sediment pieces can cause fractures in the water tank, resulting in a flood. This is a serious issue that we can’t always repair. If the plumber determines too much sediment has built up in the tank, it might be time for a replacement.

#7 Moisture Around the Water Heater

There should never be water or moisture around the water heater. If there is, you should call a plumber specializing in water heaters and repair immediately. The issue could be minor, like a broken or disconnected hose. It could also be something more serious, like a fractured water tank. This is a serious problem because if you don’t have it checked by a professional, the fracture will worsen, which can cause a major flood in your home.

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Taking care of your plumbing system requires a little bit of knowledge and lots of attention to detail. As long as you know when it’s time to call a plumber, you’re good to go.

For all your plumbing service needs, you can count on the folks at Pilot Plumbing. If you have no hot water, feel free to give Pilot Plumbing a call. You can also schedule an appointment online today. If you’re dealing with a burst pipe, the same contact information applies. When you wake up in the morning, you expect to have a steady supply of hot water. This hot water keeps you warm while you take a shower.


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