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Portland Water Heater Repair

It’s a pleasure to serve our community with expert plumbing services as we have done for over 15 years. We’re glad that our team gets so many five-star ratings and repeat customers who realize that our company is the right one for them. We’re Pilot Plumbing & Drain, a family business serving the Portland, OR area. We’d like to tell you about what we do for our plumbing clients, the personalized and professional way we do it, and why our plumbing service is the one you’ll stick with as long as you’re a homeowner in the Portland, OR area.

We’d Be Proud to Be In Your Homeowner’s Resource File

Many homeowners, as they reach out and meet their new neighbors, also make connections with valuable professional resources in the area. As a family business that’s part of the community, our team can cover all your plumbing needs with professional skill and experience. We take our service even further, as we enjoy building connections with our customers and understanding their specific needs, whether they own a classic home from the early 1900s, one from the mid-20th century, or a recently built model. Each home has its own materials, construction style, and plumbing repair and upgrade needs. Over the years, we’ve had the opportunity to serve many homeowners and gained experience that makes us experts in area plumbing methods and materials. Keep our number handy for emergencies, repairs, plumbing inspections, and new projects.

Three Ways We Commonly Meet New Clients

These days, our first contact with many homeowners is when they have a plumbing emergency. Whether they look us up online or talk to their neighbors, they’ll hear the same great stories of how we help our neighbors with professional plumbing services. After our courteous, clean, and respectful plumbers visit and take care of their emergency, they’ll have a number to call for other plumbing questions and concerns as well.

The second reason is that people meet us for the first time for a plumbing inspection. They may have specific concerns such as pipes they know are lead or other material that should be replaced, or leaks in several locations. They might call our plumbing service because they want to know the state of their plumbing as they plan for remodeling, or because they want to plan for any future issues such as drain and sewer issues, the state of their water supply lines, or hot water heater and water softener replacement. Homeowners might also want to plan appliance replacement and fixture updates in the bathrooms and kitchen. We can provide the information people need about the state of their plumbing now and in the future, and use our advanced equipment to detect hidden leaks and inspect pipes and the sewer line from within.

People also call us when they realize that a routine drain cleaning service is beneficial for preventing emergency plumbing service calls and keeping drain pipes in good shape. For families with older homes, it’s possible that the drains have not been thoroughly cleaned for decades. Our team works its way through the pipes, clearing clogs, inspecting with video, blasting with high-pressure water, and performing a variety of cleaning techniques as indicated. We ensure that our methods are safe for your type of pipes, and we provide information on any concerns about your plumbing that arise as we perform the work. We can even cleanout through your home and to the city sewer line, increasing flow and showing you the state of your sewer pipe, which many homeowners appreciate having on hand.

Sewer and Water Line Repairs

If you have major plumbing concerns such as sewer line problems or leaks in your water line, that’s a really good time to know a plumbing service you can trust. Our team is here to answer your questions and help you find the right solution for you, then get the work done reliably and with attention to detail. With our modern techniques and expertise, you may find that our sewer and water line repairs are more straightforward than you expected, and don’t involve as much disruption to your life as you anticipated. If you have smells, backups, or video inspection has told you roots are intruding or your sewer pipe is collapsing, you know you need to do something about it. When our plumbing service team is done, you’ll breathe a sigh of relief. If your water pressure is low, variable, or even excessive, our team is also expert at diagnosing plumbing issues and can get to the root of the problem promptly.

Water Heaters and Water Filters

Another reason for regular plumbing service visits is to inspect and maintain your hot water heater and water filter system. Like our drain cleaning service, these visits can help you avoid emergency plumbing service visits and keep your water hot and pure and your basement dry. For the hot water heater, our team will inspect the tank, check the pressure relief valve, make sure that heater and thermostat components are in good working order, flush residue in the tank if needed, and monitor or replace the anode rod, along with other maintenance items. If you have a tankless water heater in your basement or local units or the kitchen or bathroom, we can check and maintain them also, ensuring that any filters and ventilation openings are clear and the unit is in good shape. Water filter systems are great for ensuring that your water is high quality no matter what is coming through the pipes, and require filter updates and cleaning, plus eventual unit replacement.

Pilot Plumbing & Drain, Your Local Portland, OR Plumber

Our team is ready to take care of your emergency and routine plumbing needs, and to make sure that, as a homeowner, you have someone to call with questions or plumbing concerns. Give our team a call and get to know us, we’re ready to come visit you.

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