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Where Can I Find A Trustworthy Plumber | Battle Ground, WA


You awake on a cold winter’s morning to find that you have no hot water, the water heater has broken down. To make matters worse it is a weekend, where can you find a reliable plumber in Battle Ground, WA that works weekends and will not charge the earth for coming out? These are good questions, not everybody knows a good plumbing service to contact if they have a burst pipe in the middle of the night. Even if you do, what if your plumber is not available or on holiday, that pipe is not going to wait until they get back.

Should you need an emergency plumber the team at Pilot Plumbing will go out of their way to respond rapidly to your call. We will have somebody on standby ready to help you at all hours of the day or night. We provide the highest standards of work for fair prices.

Do You Have Your Plumbing System Regularly Checked?

A regular service will save you hundreds of dollars, and we at Pilot Plumbing strongly advise you to have this done at least once a year. For example, a regularly serviced water heater will have a longer working life and will be less likely to break down and need an expensive repair. After the service it will be running more safely and be more energy-efficient, reducing your energy bills. Any service will pick up on potential problems early and save you from unnecessary stress.

Warning Signs That You Need a Plumber

The sooner you can spot a problem the sooner it can be fixed and avoid the need for an expensive repair, and these are some of the signs you can look out for.

Water Is Slow to Drain from Your Sink or Bathtub

Be honest, you have poured warm grease down your sink, haven’t you? We have all done it, but nothing is more likely to form a clog than grease. The grease will stick to the insides of the pipes as it cools. Items like food and coffee grinds will stick to the grease and start to form a clog. As the clog grows it will restrict the flow of water and the sink will take longer and longer to empty. Eventually, the pipe will block, and you will need a drain cleaning service from a friendly plumber from Pilot Plumbing.

Your Toilets Keep Blocking

Like the sink, people will flush just about anything down a toilet. Any good plumber will tell you not to do anything down a toilet other than water, human waste, toilet paper, and some gentle cleaners. Toilet paper is designed to dissolve quickly in water, but items like wet wipes and Kleenex are not. This may come as a surprise, but wet wipes are the cause of many blockages in toilets, as they cannot dissolve very quickly if they are not flushed away properly.

Pouring strong chemicals down the toilet is not always a good idea as they can corrode older pipework and joints and cause a leak. Neither is continual flushing of a blocked toilet; all you are likely to do is cause an overflow and a nasty and dangerous mess on your bathroom floor. If your toilet keeps blocking, you will need to call for a plumber from Pilot Plumbing.

You Have Low Water Pressure

If you are experiencing low water pressure this is probably due to a leak somewhere in your plumbing system. Clogs forming in the pipes could also be the cause, as could a faulty hot water shut-off valve in your water heater. As there are many causes for low water pressure you need an expert plumber from Pilot Plumbing to quickly find the cause and location of the problem and then fix it for you.

You Hear Dripping or Running Water

Not all leaks are easy to spot, often the first sign is the smell of mold and mildew coming from under the sink cabinet and carpet or that your water bills are larger than expected. Because a leak could have been running for a long time there could be a lot of water damage.

You could try and fix the leak yourself, but unless you are an experienced DIYer, you could make the problem worse and cause more damage. We have often been called out to fix a small leak that has now become a large one or a dripping tap that has become a fountain.

If you do not feel confident enough to tackle a leak, then call Pilot Plumbing. There is no shame in admitting that some plumbing jobs are too difficult for you to attempt, and you do not want to make matters worse and more expensive to repair.

Puddles of Water Around Your Home

Have you noticed puddles of water gathering around the outside of your home? Is your lawn unusually green and damp, especially if it has not been raining? If your home is built on top of a concrete foundation, then you could have a slab leak. If a slab leak has been happening for a long time, then this could be a dangerous situation.

As water or sewer lines often run under or inside the slab then any leak could be damaging the foundation of your home and in worse cases cause a collapse. If you suspect that you have a slab leak, then you should call Pilot Plumbing immediately.

Pilot Plumbing of Battle Ground, WA

Water is a powerful destructive force and if left unattended for any period will cause a lot of damage. Any serious damage will leave a lot of mess to clean up, your home may need replastering and extensive periods to dry out.

Belongings that have taken a lifetime to build-up may be destroyed. You can avoid the inconvenience and distress by being alert to any signs of pending problems and take simple steps to avoid problems happening in the first place. If you need any plumbing service, at whatever time of the day or night, Pilot Plumbing & Drain will send a highly trained plumber out to you ASAP.

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