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Is There A Better Time Of Year To Schedule Your Annual Drain Cleaning Service? | Vancouver, WA


Having our drain cleaning service do a thorough checkout and cleanout of your home’s drains once each year can help you avoid clogs, backups, and even costly and messy drain pipe leaks inside your home’s walls. It’s an important service, but is there a best time to schedule it? At Pilot Plumbing & Drain in Vancouver, WA, we know that getting started with a drain cleaning service today that clears out years of accumulated material is most important, and there are some considerations for your ongoing cleanout appointment dates. Our drain cleaning service team can make a clean sweep of your wastewater plumbing, making sure that your pipes are clear and in good shape. The year to come will have fewer clogs and backups, and any that occur are easy to locate and clear. We can also help with sewer line inspections and other related services to make sure that your complete drain system is in good shape, and provide a variety of solutions if drain or sewer pipe issues are discovered along the way. There are so many ways that the flow in your drains can be slowed over the years, it’s an excellent idea to reset the clock and have clean drains once again.

The Bottom Line Is Anytime for Drain Cleaning Service

The truth is, fitting a whole house drain cleaning service into your schedule makes the best time when you’ve got the time. It typically takes a couple of hours, and necessarily involves access to your plumbing from top to bottom. If everyone tends to be out of the house during the summer, that can make it an attractive time to plan this kind of work, along with other activities such as water heater replacement and heating system maintenance. The same can be said for school vacation time, and you might find it’s a good preventive measure before the holidays, so you are less likely to encounter plumbing issues when your home is hosting a large crowd. There’s even an argument for spring when heavy rains can help you discover problems with your sewer line that may show up as backup into your basement sinks and elsewhere and our drain cleaning service can make note of plumbing issues to be resolved.

Your First Drain Cleaning Service Really Should Be Right Away

Most homeowners have no idea of what a mess the insides of their wastewater plumbing can be. There are many processes that happen to cause material to cling to the sides of pipes, not only near to your fixtures like sinks and toilets, but on the secondary pipes and between floors, as waste and water travel together through pipes that don’t always provide much assistance to the flow, and so can accumulate deposits that gather over time. Some materials like grease and soap are particularly likely to grab others like hair, and as these clogs grow in the pipes, they slow the overall drain flow and make it harder for the force of drains emptying to keep the pipes clean. Gravity is, after all, the main force involved in drains emptying, and resistance reduces its effect. If your home is even a few years old, chances are good that there’s a lot happening in there, and our drain cleaning service can provide a reset.

Methods We Use to Check and Clear Your Drain Pipes

We use mechanical methods and very high pressure sprays to clear most pipes, cutting through clogs and making sure that if it’s not a clog but an object, like a plastic dinosaur, we remove it rather than shove it further down. We use video inspection to identify issues, which helps us target our strategy and ensure that the work is being done successfully. Tiny video cameras have made a big difference in many areas of plumbing as well as drain cleaning service, helping us inspect pipe condition, check sewer lines, and even locate the source of leaks in the walls. Our most powerful resource is the hydro jet, which uses thousands of PSI to blast pipes down to their surface. It’s also a fantastic method for clearing blockages in sewer lines.

Older Pipes Need Careful Drain Cleaning Too

When we check for clogs and inspect the insides of pipes, we may also notice that your pipes are becoming corroded or degraded, depending on whether the material is metal or plastic. This natural aging produces a rougher interior, which is more prone to gathering grease and other material and building clogs. Corrosion and other damage can also mean that the pipe walls are weakening, so we have to be more careful with our hydro jet equipment and choose other strategies to get your pipes clean. It’s definitely a job for experts, clearing your drain pipes, but that’s why the results are so amazing.

When Drain Cleaning Shows a Need for Plumbing Work

Damaged pipes and other plumbing issues may be visible when we perform our video pipe interior inspections, and we’ll address those as appropriate, making sure that you know where you may have the potential for leaks or otherwise require pipe repairs. We may also be able to prevent costly damage from wastewater leaks by identifying when piping needs to be replaced because of age and wear, in many cases after a few decades of service. We’ll have pictures to show, and recommendations to make so you’ll be well informed. More often, of course, we can show you pictures of the clean insides of your pipes, ready to take on another year of life in your home.

Your Professional Drain Experts and General Purpose Vancouver, WA Plumbing Team

We’re Pilot Plumbing & Drain, the folks to call in Vancouver, WA for your big plumbing projects and small repairs, and professional maintenance that keeps your home’s pipes in good shape. Whenever you’re ready for a whole house drain cleaning, we’re glad to come over and provide the service. Call today.

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