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Plumbing Service: Common Problems With Traditional Urinals In Homes | Portland, OR


Urinals play a crucial role in eliminating liquid waste from your Portland, OR, home. They help preserve your bathroom’s floor quality. Also, urinals maintain the general cleanliness around the washroom since you’ll use it accurately while on a short call as compared to using a bowled toilet. Additionally, a urinal helps eliminate the constant “war” between ladies and gents in homes that stems from arguments regarding lifting and lowering toilet seats.

There are two types of urinals commonly found in most homes; waterless and traditional urinals. Waterless urinals are gaining traction because most homeowners are investing in environmentally-conscious plumbing fixtures. However, traditional urinals remain popular amongst Portland, OR, homeowners since they’re a cheaper option.

Like other plumbing fixtures, urinals experience defects as their usage life decreases, prompting you to seek plumbing services. Various factors, including age, brand, location, and frequency of use, contribute to the state of urinals in homes. Read on to explore some of the problems your traditional urinal can showcase. Ensure you consult with a professional to offer the correct plumbing services after noticing your urinal is defective.

Backed-up Drains

Liquid waste such as urine usually builds up in drainage pipes after coming in contact with debris and dirt. The debris or dirt can stem from cleaning your gardening boots or washing your pet in the bathroom. It then comes into contact with urine in the main drain pipe that leads to your sewer system. When this happens, the liquid waste can’t flow to the sewer and can cause backup issues in your urinal and toilet bowls or shower drains. The incident not only makes your home stuffy with a foul smell of urine but also makes it hazardous.

Additionally, it makes it uncomfortable to use the urinal when its bowl is flooded with wastewater.

It’s time to seek help from a reliable plumbing company in your area when you notice a foul smell or notice your urinal’s bowl is backed up. The technician will identify the clogged pipes or appliances and use the ‘snaking’ mechanism to unblock them.

Additionally, the plumbers will clear clogged vent stacks to allow proper air circulation. This will, in turn, keep your bathroom free from foul smells. It’s also important to ask your contractor to develop and implement regular plumbing service plans to maintain your drain lines. It will prevent backup issues in your home, making it a hazard-free space.

Low Flush Pressure

When your urinal experiences low flushing pressure, the liquid waste doesn’t flow through your drain lines effectively. Consequently, bad air quality will fill your washroom, and urine scum will deposit on the walls of your urinal’s bowl. Low pressure problems occur when the urinal’s flush valve, controlled manually or via a sensor, becomes defective. When the valve’s regulator wears out, it can’t let out enough water into the bowl, leaving the urinal unflushed or half-flushed.

When you witness low pressure whenever you flush the urinal in your Portland, OR, home, it is time to visit a plumbing company and get the necessary help. The plumber you get should fix the valve manually or reprogram the sensor to work effectively. The technicians will also advise you on the required steps to help prevent low water pressure issues in the future.

Additionally, booking a plumbing appointment with your technician for regular maintenance of your urinal can help trace the problem in advance before it reaches a point you have to replace your urinal.

Excessive Pressure

Contrary to the above problem, your urinal’s flush might have too much pressure leading to water wastage. Less than one percent of the total amount of water on planet earth is available for human consumption. Many organizations, including EPA, urge people to use water sparingly to preserve it for future generations.

Plumbing fixtures, including urinals, could lead to high water wastages when defective. For instance, excess water pressure in urinals can trigger high water bills in the long run. This problem occurs when the flushing system is faulty, letting in water that’s surplus to requirements to flow into the urinal.

If you discover your conventional urinal flushes continuously or splashes water at a super speed, ensure you request a technician to offer you immediate plumbing services. The plumber you get should assess the defect which could be a spoilt valve. Afterward, the plumber will recommend either replacement or repair services, depending on the extent of the damage.

After fixing the problem, you can request the plumber to provide regular plumbing services in the future to ensure your urinal works efficiently throughout its lifespan. A urinal that flushes optimally helps you save on the water utility bills at the end of the month.

Failure To Flush

Failure to flush is one of the most common problems with urinals. It may result from low water pressure or faults within the flushing system. For instance, a leak within the water supply pipe can lead to inadequate water to flush your urinal. Additionally, a breakdown in the flushing system, either manual or automated, is likely to lead to a lack of flushing or low flush power. When this happens, urine deposits may stick on the surface of the urinal bowl, leaving it dirty and triggering an unpleasant smell.

It is time to notify your favorite company to offer the required plumbing service whenever you notice discrepancies in the urinal’s flushing mechanism. The technician will identify the cause of the problem and execute the necessary solutions. With this in mind, it’s ideal you schedule regular and prompt plumbing appointments with a reliable company to evaluate the state of your urinary system and eliminate any p[ossible defects before it’s too late to fix defects.

Noise And Odors

Strange odors and noises emanating from the urinal upon flushing manifest a deeper-lying problem. It could be a result of a blocked drainage pipe and if you don’t seek professional help from your plumbing service company in advance, air quality problems may spread to other rooms in your home, making it an uncomfortable space.

With this in mind, contact your nearest plumbing company for immediate solutions to prevent respiratory complications arising from poor bad air quality in your home.

The plumbers you get will identify any blocked drainage pipes and clean them using specialized equipment, environmentally-approved cleaning chemicals, and techniques. They’ll also recommend preventative maintenance practices to avert future breakdowns.

Pilot Plumbing & Drain: A Plumbing Service Company You Can Trust

The above information might come in handy when diagnosing your residential urinal. However, note that performing repairs using DIY tactics could worsen the problem due to a lack of proper equipment or technical know-how.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call whenever you need emergency plumbing services, including repairs, installation, and maintenance. Our plumbers are well-trained and certified to deal with all your plumbing issues. We have modern equipment and techniques to suit all your plumbing needs.

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