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Water Filtration Systems: Reverse Osmosis Problems In Homes | Vancouver, WA


Every household in Vancouver, WA, requires clean treated water for drinking, cooking, and other indoor chores. Water filtration systems are placed at entry points and use, including distillers, reverse osmosis, and water filters. They are responsible for removing all the contaminants in the water, including Giardia lamblia, bacteria, and viruses.

Reverse osmosis units are the best water filtration systems because they force water through semi-permeable membranes to filter out all disease-causing impurities and chemicals. However, problems are inevitable in plumbing systems, and filtration systems are not an exception. In this blog, we’ll highlight some of the issues you could encounter while using reverse osmosis systems.

Noisy Drains and Faucets

After installing the reverse osmosis unit in your home, you might start hearing irritating sounds. Noise could emerge from the drains or faucets due to low water pressure and a poor membrane. The sounds from the filtration equipment might also be due to the clogging of filters, empty storage tanks, and bent tubing.

A plumbing technician with the proper tools and experience can identify the root cause of the problem in your water filtration systems. The contractor will start by checking the pressure of the water, tubing, and membrane. This is followed by inspection for possible clogs and removing the dirt to fix the problem. Having the issue repaired promptly will curb the possibilities of other emerging issues in your water filtration system.

Slow Water Flow

After months or years of using the reserve osmosis and enjoying the clean and pure water, you might encounter a problem with the slow flow of water from the unit. It is a devastating problem that might even persist by producing no water at all, hence it’s wise to check the water level in the tank before concluding that it is an issue that needs repairs.

If the tank is full, weighing around 20 pounds, you should call a water filter contractor. After ascertaining that the water volume is not the cause of the slow water flowing from the osmosis tank, the plumber will also check the water pressure to determine its actual level. The possible cause of the slow water flow might be due to a faulty storage tank with a malfunctioned air bladder that lowers the water pressure.

After diagnosing the actual problem, the water filtration systems expert will have to pressurize the osmosis tank. Using plumbing tools, including compressors and pumps, the plumbing contractor will empty the osmosis tank and check the pressure level inside. If the pressure is optimal and the slow water flow continues, the contractor will replace the osmosis tank because the malfunctioned air bladder is beyond repair.

Faulty Osmosis Membrane

The reverse osmosis water filtration systems have semi-permeable membranes responsible for removing large particles and chemicals, including chlorine, calcium, and magnesium minerals, during the water purification process. The membrane can malfunction due to clogged water filters, causing slow water flow.

An expert in water filtration systems in Vancouver, WA, can skillfully and professionally replace the osmosis membrane to ensure constant filtration of hard water minerals. Alternatively, the plumbing technician can install ion exchangers at the point of entry of the water filtration unit to soften the hard water and remove barium and radium.

The water softeners utilize ion exchange resins made of sodium and potassium ions to soften the calcium and magnesium minerals in the water. Therefore, installing the water softeners in the water filtration system is appropriate in preserving the osmosis membrane.

Dripping Faucets

Another problem in reverse osmosis water filtration systems homes is a leaking faucet. The dripping faucet might be due to loose connections that have to be tightened by a professional plumber. Such problems can also result from a damaged faucet stem or a shifted drain saddle. The plumbing technician will assess the osmosis tank to determine the actual leaking component, including an air gap faucet.

The air gap prevents water from getting back into the reverse osmosis unit. It can leak due to clogged drain lines and drain saddles that create a back pressure forcing water through the air gap faucet.

The water filtration system professional will ensure the drain lines are clean to fix the problem. The plumber can also recommend regular maintenance of the reverse osmosis drain saddles and lines to avert leakages. Additionally, you can request the expert to check if the drain saddles have shifted, restricting the free flow of water and realign it with the drain line hole.

Bad Taste and Odors in Water

EPA has set drinking water regulations that ensure all households in the US, including having access to safe drinking water free of microbial and chemical contaminants. The water filtration system is responsible for removing all impurities, and reverse osmosis is best known for eliminating more contaminants. However, the reverse osmosis filtration systems can malfunction, causing hard minerals and dirt to pass through to the osmosis tanks and faucets.

The membrane that eliminates hard water minerals and other tiny microbial is prone to degrade in the long run. The degraded membrane allows chlorine and calcium as well as magnesium salts to pass through the filters making your drinking water smell like chlorine and have a strange metallic taste.

Foul odor and taste in your water of a problem with your system, and it would be best to reach out to a plumbing contractor with extensive experience in reverse osmosis water filtration systems to identify and fix the problem. If you have used the reverse osmosis unit for many years, the plumbing technician might recommend installing a new and more advanced osmosis system.

Call us for Professional Help!

Reverse osmosis is one of the best water filtration systems that filter out the tiniest water contaminants, including viruses. If you are experiencing any issues with your filtration units, you should not hesitate to contact Pilot Plumbing.

We are a top-rated licensed company in Vancouver, WA, with reliable technicians. Our plumbers have more than 15 years of experience, providing prompt, detailed, and reliable installation, repairs, and replacement services.

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