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Emergency Plumber Near Me

Pilot Plumbing is proud of its team members and how much they care for the community with a dedication by furthering their education in the plumbing industry, learning about developing technologies, and how to do their part to protect your home, family, and pets, and our precious planet.

Sometimes emergencies don’t strike during regular banking hours. A plumbing emergency can happen at the worst times during the holidays, special events held at home, or during a weather emergency. Unfortunately, lots of emergency plumbers use this inconvenience to fleece their customers.

Pilot Plumbing is proud to serve Portland, OR. When you have a plumbing emergency, they will be there to help! Having emergency plumbers will cost a bit more than an ordinary call out.

Our team deserves a living wage and we recognize their sacrifice during holidays and during their downtime and must compensate them for it just to be fair to our experts-who we are proud of and don’t want to lose to a competitor!

Routine Maintenance

Nothing lasts forever, not even rocks when water starts to carve them up. It is the same with the plumbing in your home or office. If the pipes are old, have not been properly cared for, and if they are not big enough to suit the needs of your space, there is a high probability that you will need to hire an emergency plumber at some point in the future.

Pilot Plumbing offers a semi and semi-annual subscription service that inspects and evaluates the condition of your plumbing system. To some this may seem like a waste, but emergency plumbers cost you significantly more to fix a big plumbing problem, rather than a prepaid service that catches the problem quickly and may even include the repair in the service. Some repairs may require additional costs depending on the issue, intensity, and time frame.

Pilot Plumbing only hires honest, well-skilled plumbers who we consider chosen family. We trust our team to uphold our values of working hard, honesty, affordability, and transparency when it comes to price and works timelines.

Routine care can save your home from major plumbing problems that can raid your bank account in a second. Emergency plumbers may still be necessary every now and then but let Pilot Plumbing reduce the odds of that happening to you during your next big get-together.

Emergency Plumber Protocols in Portland, OR

During Pilot Plumbing’s 14 years of experience as an emergency technician in Portland, OR. We have learned a few things about responding to emergency calls. We do not judge whether the emergency is the dishwasher and clothes washer won’t drain.

We take it as seriously as if you have a slab leak gushing out water. Both calls are our priority and rally the entire Pilot Plumbing as a team of experts and they quickly solve both problems as quickly as humanly possible. We are committed to our community and do not want any of our neighbors to stress about finding emergency services,

Safety Measures

Our team of emergency plumbers prioritizes safety. Our team members can wear masks inside your home and when necessary, plastic coverings over their footwear.

The emergency plumbers will clean up the area after the work has been completed. If you are unsatisfied with the work done by any of the team members at Pilot Plumbing, please give us a call and the opportunity to make it right.

Before we hire a new team member or any emergency plumbers – we ask them to submit to a full background check, proof of skill qualifications, and a drug and alcohol test. We would not send anyone to your home who we would not invite over for Thanksgiving dinner.

Customer Testimonials

“I moved out of my parent’s house in June. The pandemic proved to me it was time to stretch my wings. I rented a house without a lease (which my father begged me not to do) but it was sublet and if I did not like the area I could move in December. Well, after moving in and living in my new apartment brown water began to gurgle up from the sinks and the tub. We called the landlord but because he had not authorized the sublet, that I’d have to pay for the repair out of pocket and he would repay me when the lease expired.

My dad was so frustrated with me, but he knew the people at Pilot Plumbing because we’ve been using them since I was nine years old. I knew they would do a good job and the team was kind enough to donate their labor. I only had to pay for parts. Relying on Pilot Plumbing of Portland is a family tradition I will be keeping!”

Kyle McCulloch

“My wife and I bought an older home to renovate as a couple’s project. We knew we would need an expert plumbing team to revamp our soon-to-be dream home. I’m friends with the manager at Pilot and we get together and watch a game and have a few beers to catch up since the world seems to have improved on the pandemic front.

We’re both vaccinated. We decided to have the team look over the house with a fine-tooth comb and figure out the very best way to renovate the plumbing system and really provide the luxury my wife and I have worked 25 years to be able to afford. There was never a choice. I always knew Pilot Plumbing would do the job and a spectacular and quick job they did! I even got a small discount! Call them now!

Fred Whittend

For any of your plumbing needs, call Pilot Plumbing today!

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