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4 Reasons Why Your Faucet Runs While Turned Off

4 Reasons Why Your Faucet Runs While Turned Off
There's nothing worse than an annoying dripping faucet!

Drip, drip, drip. We know you’ve been there. Laying in bed, trying to fall asleep, listening to the incessant dripping of a leaky faucet in your bathroom, kitchen, or even laundry room. A leak is one of the most annoying sounds and source of water waste. Most people let it go, thinking it’s not wasting a lot of water and because there is the smallest amount coming out at a time, there isn’t much wrong. Well, that’s not the case. Let’s get into 4 reasons why the faucet continues to run even if it’s turned off.

Worn Out Washer Inside the Faucet

A worn out washer inside the faucet is usually the issue when it starts to drip. The washer wears out due to a buildup of chlorine and is a normal issue that most homeowners deal with.

Another reason why washers wear out is due to the friction between a washer between two parts causes the washers to get worn out, hence leading to a leak. This can be fixed by simply replacing the washer, but if you’re not comfortable taking on the job yourself, reach out to an experienced plumber so we can replace the washers for you.

Broken O-Ring

Faucets have one or more O-Rings to prevent water from leaking out around the spout base. If the O-Rings wear out, you’ll see water at the base of the spout every time you turn on the water. If you want to give it a shot and try to repair this yourself, here’s how to do it:

  • Turn off the water supply.
  • Use an Allen wrench to loosen the screw on the handle.
  • Take off the faucet handle.
  • Hand-unscrew the ornamental piece from the cartridge.
  • Undo the brass piece with channel closures, keeping the cartridge in place and remove it.
  • Take the cartridge out of the slot and change it.
  • Using a screwdriver, detach the O-Rings. After applying plumbing lubricant to the replacement O-Rings, reinstall it.
  • Put the faucet back together and switch back on the water supply.

If this sounds like a foreign language to you, just give us a call. We’ll easily replace the o-rings for you.

Faulty Cartridge

If you have a faucet with two handles, one for hot water and one for cold water, then you have a cartridge-style faucet (which is the most common in most households). The cartridge is a valve on each handle that controls the flow of the water into the spout. If it’s dripping water, this is a sign that it could be a damaged cartridge. Here’s how it can be repaired:

  • Turn the water supply off.
  • Remove faucet handles or cover plates.
  • Remove the locking nut.
  • Remove the faucet cartridge.
  • Replace.

If you’re not able to fix it or if you don’t want to risk creating further damage, reach out to a us for assistance.

Rusted Valve Seat

The valve seat is the part of the faucet that the valve stem seals against when the faucet is turned off. Over time, sediment and minerals can build up on the valve seat, causing it to become corroded. When it rusts, it’s harder for the seal to stay effective, causing the water to sneak through and start leaking.

To repair this, you’ll need a special tool called a seat wrench. You’ll need to remove the old valve seat by using that tool, turning the seat counterclockwise, and removing it to replace. This job is a little more advanced for your DIY-ers, so we suggest calling us.

Is This An Emergency?

No. This is not considered to be a plumbing emergency, but it is a good idea to get it fixed sooner than later to prevent further leaks and damage. Plus, even though the amount of water dripping out seems small, it’s still wasting a lot of water, which is bad for the environment as well as your water bills.

However, these are considered to be emergencies:

If you enter a room in your home, or even in your backyard, and you see a river of water or sewage, you have an emergency.

If you smell sewage and notice water isn’t running through your home, or if you have a septic tank that shows water seeping from the ground, call Pilot Plumbing right away.

If your home is completely out of water, this could be a sign of a main water line issue or something else wrong with your home. You can tell if your neighbors have water and you don’t. In this case, contact a professional plumber right away.

A burst pipe in your home or garage is usually easy to spot. If something bursts under or around your home, it can take a long time for anyone to notice. Make sure you’re monitoring your water pressure and checking for standing water if something seems off. A burst pipe is an emergency that should be dealt with immediately.

Do You Need a Professional Drain Cleaning?

If you believe there’s more to the story than your average leaking faucet and think you may need a drain cleaning, we can help with that too. There are three main things that you’ll notice that will give you the sign to hire a professional.

The first sign is bad odors. When food particles clog up in your drain, it can cause unpleasant odors. The second sign is frequent clogs. A clogged drain every once in a while is normal, but when you consistently use a plunger to unclog your drain, that’s a sure-fire sign that you need some professional assistance. Finally, the last sign is slow drains. If the water takes a good amount of time to drain out of your sink, tub, or toilet, this means you pipes are experiencing a blockage.

It’s not a bad idea to have us come out and take a look at it and perform a drain cleaning. The benefits of a drain cleaning include the obvious fact that it’ll work better. Food particles and grease washed down kitchen drains will eventually build up inside the pipes, leading to a clogged garbage disposal. Professional drainage system repairs remove the thick later of gunk, allowing water to flow freely.

It’s also healthier for you and whoever else lives in your home. A dirty drain emits gasses that can compromise your health and safety. Also, it can become a breeding ground for bugs and harmful bacteria, which can cause disease.

When You Need It, Pilot Is Here

If you are dealing with a leaky faucet, issues with your main water supply, or need a repair, we’re here for you. With over 15 years of business and thousands of five-star customers, we pride ourselves on being the best affordable plumbing company for the surrounding communities – prompt and reliable plumbing services you can trust.

We’re not only here to help you with any kind of plumbing issue or need, we’re here to supply you with knowledge about the industry and how to take care of your plumbing systems so you don’t have to deal with extensive, expensive damage.

If you’re looking for a great, local plumbing company in the Vancouver, Washington area – you’ve come to the right blog. Now, let’s stop the leaking!

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