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For years, Pilot Plumbing has been providing emergency plumbing services to residential and commercial customers in the Vancouver, WA, area. Our trusted plumbing professionals are licensed, precise, and dedicated to customer satisfaction and convenience. We offer emergency plumbing services any time, any day! Your emergency doesn’t wait until nights or holidays are over, so neither do we! Don’t hesitate to reach out for all your emergency plumbing repair needs.

Our 24/7 plumbers proudly serve the following locations around Vancouver, WA:

  • Amboy
  • Battle Ground
  • Brush Prairie
  • Camas
  • Kalama
  • Kelso
  • La Center
  • Longview
  • Ridgefield
  • Washougal
  • Woodland
  • Yacolt

Common Plumbing Emergencies

Our emergency plumbing technicians in Vancouver, WA, are highly adept at managing and resolving an array of plumbing disasters. Some of the most frequent emergencies we’ve dealt with include flood risks and sewer backups.

Flooding Risk

If you’re experiencing standing water due to a burst pipe, failed sump pump, or sewer backup, you should call an experienced emergency plumber immediately. Flooding can cause significant, irreversible damage, costing you thousands on repairs and weeks of headaches. Our expert technicians know things can break at the most inconvenient times, which is why we always have a plumber standing by when you need it the most.

Sewer Backup

Backed-up sewer lines are a health hazard that needs to be immediately dealt with. When sewage reaches its backup point, it can smell awful and cause your water to stop running altogether. Sewer line backups definitely constitute an emergency and require immediate attention. Our expert emergency plumbers are on-call and ready to deliver superior craftsmanship and guaranteed services.

What Is and Isn’t a Plumbing Emergency?

Are you wondering if you have a plumbing emergency on your hands? We break down the differences between emergencies and non-emergencies so that you know exactly when to call an emergency plumbing technician in Vancouver, WA.

Signs of a Plumbing Emergency

If you walk into your bathroom, kitchen, garage, or yard to see a river of gushing water or sewage, you have an emergency. Other signs of plumbing emergencies include:

  • Sewer Backups: If you smell sewage and notice water isn’t running through your home, or have a septic tank that shows water seeping from the ground, call a 24/7 plumber immediately.
  • No Running Water: If your home is completely without water, this could be a sign of a main water line issue or something wrong within your home. If your neighbors have water and you don’t, it’s time to get in touch with a same-day plumbing company.
  • Possible Pipe Burst: A burst pipe inside your home or garage is typically easy to spot. If something bursts under or around your home, it can take several hours for you to notice. Make sure you’re monitoring water pressure and checking for standing water if something is off. A burst pipe is a plumbing emergency that must be dealt with immediately.

Things That Are Not Plumbing Emergencies

  • Slow Running Drains: Reduced or low water pressure could be a plumbing emergency, but it may also be something that can wait for routine maintenance. Call a licensed plumber to ask what you can do to ensure it is not an emergency.
  • Inspections: If you think there’s a problem with your water heater, sump pump, or pipes, great job being proactive. Reach out to a licensed plumber (that’s us!) and schedule a comprehensive inspection and maintenance of your home to avoid unforeseen emergencies.
  • Slow, Manageable Leaks: Your home matters! Our certified emergency plumbers are available to help troubleshoot your plumbing questions. Sometimes, a leak can be manageable and not something that requires the extra expense of an immediate need. Our team can help you identify whether you have an emergency plumbing need or something that can be scheduled and repaired.
  • Appliance Installations: If you’re like most homeowners, buying a new kitchen or bathroom appliance and getting it installed ASAP seems like an emergency. It’s not! Trust our plumbing technicians to get your guaranteed installation done right the first time.

What Causes Pipes to Burst?

When installed and maintained correctly, residential plumbing pipes can last several decades. However, there are instances where your pipes will burst prematurely. To avoid needing emergency plumbing services in Vancouver, WA, you should know how burst pipes occur. Here are the top reasons pipes burst:

  • Freezing: When the temperature drops below 0°F, water can freeze inside your pipes, creating pressure that results in cracks. You can prevent frozen pipes and the subsequent damage by letting your faucets continuously drip and insulating exposed pipes.
  • Clogs: Like ice inside the pipes, clogs in your sewage system can result in pressure that breaks the pipe. Clogs can be caused by hair, soap, flushable wipes, food, and more. As soon as you suspect a blockage in your drainage system, reach out to same-day service plumbing technicians for assistance.
  • Tree Roots: Roots grow towards moisture, so if your pipework has the tiniest of openings, the roots can work their way into your pipes and cause a pipe burst. Luckily, our team provides leak detection and repair services, so we can help you stay ahead of this problem.
  • Old Pipes: Like anything else in your home, pipes only last so long. Plastic pipes can become brittle, while metal pipes can corrode with time. If your pipes are old, it may be time to replace them.

How Can I Stop My Pipes From Freezing?

As winter approaches, it’s time to start taking extra precautions to ensure your plumbing is ready to survive the freezing weather. Follow these steps to prevent your pipes from freezing during the winter months:

  • Install pipe insulation
  • Seal any air leaks around your electrical wiring, dryer vents, windows, and doors
  • Wrap pipes with electrical heating tape
  • Disconnect your garden hoses and shut off and drain pipes leading to outdoor faucets
  • Let your faucets drip
  • Set your thermostat to the same temperature all day long
  • Open cabinet doors regularly to allow the heat to reach the pipes under the counter

If your pipes have frozen, don’t panic! Instead, get in touch with our same-day service plumbing technicians. We’ll thaw your pipes and ensure they are not at risk of bursting.

What Causes Sewer Backups?

Sewage backups are one of a homeowner’s worst nightmares. Not only can they cause severe damage to your property, but they can also be a health hazard for your family. Sewer backups can occur because of:

  • Clogs from hair, soap scum, cooking grease, kids’ toys, and more
  • Tree roots in the sewer pipes
  • Collapsed pipes
  • Old sewer systems

If multiple drains throughout your home are slow to drain, or your toilet frequently backflows, you likely have a major sewer problem. Fortunately, our emergency plumbing technicians in Vancouver, WA, are ready at a moment’s notice to provide the solutions you need to keep your home and family safe.

Around the Clock Plumbing: Help for All Your Plumbing Emergencies

When emergency plumbing is needed, Pilot Plumbing is here to serve. Regardless of the severity of your plumbing needs, it’s always best to call a certified plumber if you think something is wrong. Most plumbing is run behind walls and underground, meaning it’s difficult to see how much damage is being done or has been done without the proper equipment.

Our emergency plumbing company is located in the heart of Vancouver, WA, and offers expert, certified services to our surrounding communities and neighbors, including Amboy, Battle Ground, Brush Prairie, Camas, Kalama, Kelso, La Center, Longview, Ridgefield, Washougal, Woodland, and Yacolt, WA, as well as Portland, OR. With over 15 years of experience, we’ve learned what matters most.

When plumbing disasters happen, you need prompt, reliable, and 100%-guaranteed services. Our satisfaction guarantee is the best in the business. If you’re not satisfied and we can’t make it right, we’ll refund you the money, no questions asked. Contact us today for same-day plumbing services.