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Benefits Of Having A Plumber Install A Waterless Urinal In Your Home | Vancouver, WA


Waterless urinals redirect liquid waste via a one-way valve into a trap that contains a gel less dense than urine. When the urine flows into the trap, the chemical gel displaces it, forcing the urine to settle onto the lower part of the trap.

Additionally, the chemical gel seals any odors or urine drops from seeping back into the bowl. Once the trap fills up, it reroutes the urine to your home’s sewer drain. With time, you may need to replace the chemical oil. If you don’t do so, it may result in poor performance of your waterless urinal.

Plumbers recommend installing waterless urinals in your home for a variety of reasons. Keep reading to discover why a waterless urinal may be the ideal option for your Vancouver, WA, home.

Water-Saving Features

Water is a very scarce resource worldwide. Only one percent of it is available for human consumption. Additionally, plumbers estimate that flushing toilets and urinals account for over five billion gallons of water consumption every day. Waterless urinals use little to no water, helping homeowners save up to thousands in dollars while paying utility bills.

Waterless urinals feature a circular dome with small channels to let water pass through. As the urinal is in use, there’s always some urine at the bottom of the trap, and since you’ll frequently use the trap, the excess urine will flow out into the sewer line.

If you’re looking to reduce your water usage and water bill, look for a trusted plumbing company to install a waterless urinal in your home. The plumber will conduct a feasibility study to ascertain if you need a waterless urinal in your Vancouver, VA, home before starting the installation process.

Low Maintenance

Waterless urinals generally require little to no maintenance. They don’t contain flush valves, eliminating the need to repair them and scheduling a preventative maintenance plan with your plumber. Moreover, incidents of overflowing waterless urinals are scarce since they don’t require a lot of water to flush down the liquid waste into your home’s drainage system.

Manufacturers of these plumbing fixtures also maintain that having them in your home will help reduce damage issues to drain lines. A mixture of water and urine in water urinals causes encrustations to form in the pipes. However, if you have waterless urinals, your plumbing professional should recommend regular flushing with water to keep the urinal’s drain pipes clog-free.

If you’re in search of a cheaper option in the long run for your home, reach out to a nearby plumber to install a waterless urinal. The technician will identify the model and brand that is ideal for your home. Afterward, they’ll advise you on the pros and cons of each design and brand and help you decide on a precise location to install the waterless urinal.

Improved Hygiene

Despite what some people think, urine is a clean body excrete. It contains dissolved metabolic waste and excess water. However, when the urine mixes with water it develops bacteria, creating an unhygienic environment in the bathroom.

That’s why waterless urinals are generally designed to stay dry and moisture-free. Flushing also makes the germs airborne, spreading them in the entire restroom. That’s why it’s essential to invest in waterless urinals that don’t expose your bathroom to unhygienic conditions.

Additionally, since the waterless urinals don’t have flushing handles, they help reduce the risk of spreading communicable diseases. Consider having plumbers install waterless urinals in your home if you’re looking to improve the hygiene in your bathroom. Scientific evidence suggests that waterless urinals are vital to improving restroom hygiene compared to toilets and traditional urinals.

Environmental Friendliness

Waterless urinals are some of the green plumbing appliances you need to make your home water-saving. To begin with, they require no water to drain urine out of the bowl. It reduces the water consumption rate in your bathroom.

Secondly, because little to no water goes down the drain, the waste does not release much water needing treatment into the environment. Some models have recyclable special inserts and drain cartridges, reducing the strain on the environment significantly. The chemical gel used on the waterless urinals is made of natural biodegradable oils, making it safe for the environment.

If you’re an environment conservation enthusiast, consider organizing with a trusted plumber to install a waterless urinal in your home. A waterless urinal will help you reduce monthly water bills and improve the hygiene around your bathroom. It also helps protect the environment from degradation through pollution and extreme resource exploitation.

Eliminate Unpleasant Odors

Urinals are generally associated with foul smells arising when water mixes with urine. However, having waterless urinals in your home can eliminate these odors. It’s because these plumbing fixtures don’t need water to eradicate the liquid waste from your urinal bowl. Additionally, the sealant gel is designed to keep odors out of the urinal, leaving your bathroom comfortable and convenient to use.

If you’re looking to eliminate odors associated with traditional urinals from your Vancouver, WA, home, reach out to a nearby plumber to install a waterless urinal. They can also help you replace your conventional urinal with a waterless one.

Rebates And Incentives

Some companies offer reimbursements to clients that install waterless urinals in their homes. Other companies use this to promote environmental consciousness and to improve their market presence. Rebates and incentives range from partial to full reimbursements for every waterless urinal purchased. The rebates will help make the urinal affordable, and you can use the savings to pay the technician that’ll offer installation services.

Additionally, upon installation of waterless urinals, your home’s value may increase as well as gain certification for ‘green building’. Green building certification is an initiative of the LEED program developed by the U.S. Green Building Council. The initiative helps increase water conservation and environmental consciousness in America.

If you’re looking for rebates, incentives, and green building certification, have a plumbing company install a waterless urinal in your Vancouver, WA, home. After installation, sit back and relax to witness the benefits that showcase when you use it. Before installation, your plumber can recommend manufacturers that participate in this program to ensure you benefit from it.

Pilot Plumbing & Drain: Plumbers You Can Trust

It’s time to invest in waterless urinals after getting helpful insights into how beneficial they can be in your home. Reach out to our experienced team at Pilot Plumbing & Drain for full-service plumbing solutions.

We install, repair, and maintain all brands and makes of plumbing appliances such as waterless urinals. Don’t hesitate to call us if you have any plumbing emergencies.

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