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Plumbing Overflow Issues: 5 Reasons to Call an Emergency Plumber Explained

Overflow issues emergency plumber

Plumbing problems are inevitable in most homes due to wear and tears, clogs, and leakages. These issues can make your life unbearable, making you look for an emergency plumber to fix the problem promptly. Each plumbing problem has its intensity because some are worse compared to others.

Overflowing toilets, bathtubs, and drains can make your life miserable if not fixed in time. The overflows can easily lead to floods that might cause significant water damage and destruction to your valuable residential property, making the repair process and water damage restoration expensive. The following are some of the causes of plumbing overflows.

Clogged Drains

One of the primary purposes of a plumbing system in your Portland, OR, home is to ensure all wastewater, and sewage discharge is safely disposed of from your home to a public sewer line or a private septic tank through the drainage system. However, when the drains are clogged, it hinders the free flow of water to the septic tank or sewer line, causing sink, tub, or toilet overflows.

Once you notice stagnant water in your sinks and toilet backup, calling an emergency plumber in Portland, OR, to fix the blockage is imperative. No one likes the idea of an overflowing toilet because of the health risk associated with it. A highly skilled plumber will use state-of-the-art equipment to identify the cause of the clog and remove them.

Clogged toilet drains are due to flushing items that don’t dissolve in water. Some of the things homeowners should not flush through the drains include disposable diapers, sanitary napkins, condoms, bandages, pads, facial tissues, automotive fluids, and tampons.

For sinks, bathroom drains, and tubs, the origin of the clog might arise from hair, grime, and debris. Therefore, to prevent overflowing toilets and sinks in your home, you should have a plumber install a plumbing filter to help stop dirt and food particles from going down the drain.

Decaying Pipes

Pipes leading to the sewer line or septic tank are prone to decay with time as they age. The decaying drainage pipes might bend, causing a blockage that will hinder wastewater and human waste from passing to the septic tank, causing overflows and backups in toilets and sinks.

The bent pipes are also likely to break, creating misalignment to the main drainage system. The breakage and cracks in the pipes might allow dirt, mud, rocks to sneak inside, causing a clog and overflows in your kitchen and bathroom plumbing appliances. The problem demands an emergency plumber to avert worst-case scenarios of water damage or sewer water flooding your home.

Repairing water damage might be expensive but not as costly as clearing human waste overflowing from the toilet. For that reason, calling an experienced plumber the moment you notice stagnated water or a backup toilet is crucial to curb downright expensive repairs and replacements.

Timely repair of the overflowing toilet might prevent your family and the technicians from sewer gas exposure. The sewer gas might lead to headaches, nausea, vomiting, and breathing difficulties.

Leaking Faucets

When the faucets in your home are leaking with clogged drains, you might experience overflows in your bathroom or kitchen. Calling a reputable plumbing company to get an experienced emergency plumber is essential in fixing the leakage.

The plumbing technician will first turn off the main water supply and diagnose the problem. If ignored, the dripping water in a blocked fixture such as a sink and tub can turn into indoor floods that lead to the growth of molds and mildew to your home hence the need for expensive repairs and replacements.

With an emergency plumber to fix the issue immediately, you will prevent the overflowing problem because the technician will address both the clog and the leakage.

Slime Buildup in Pipes

Lack of regular maintenance of drain pipes can lead to a massive accumulation of grime, leading to an urgent call for an emergency plumber. When toothpaste, soaps, gels, and lotions go down the drainage system, they form a film of slime, which is sticky and gooey in the pipes.

Without constantly cleaning your drains, the accumulated grime thickens and leads to a blockage in the drain pipes that hinders wastewater through the sewer lines. The clog can easily lead to overflows if the sink faucets are left running without close supervision.

The summed-up slime in the drain pipes also promotes the growth of bacteria and facilitates pipe corrosion. Routine maintenance of the drain pipes averts the possibility of overflowing sinks, bathroom drains, and tubs. It also lowers the probability of calling a plumbing business for an emergency plumber, which might be expensive water and mold repairs.

Foreign Objects in the Drain

Another cause of clogs that leads to overflowing homes is flushing foreign objects such as clothing, toys, and toothbrushes down the toilet. The substances might get stuck in the corners of the drainage system, preventing water, human waste, and flushable tissue papers from passing through.

When the dirty water lacks passage to the septic tank, you will notice a backflow of unclean water that might overflow with time. The backflow toilet is an urgent issue that requires the immediate services of an emergency plumber to fix before it permeates your entire house.

For that reason, you should be careful with what goes down your toilet. Additionally, you should stop pouring dirty water into your toilet without checking if it has pieces of clothing or other foreign objects that might cause a clog.

Call Us for Professional Plumbing Services!

Plumbing overflow problems are better left for professionals to handle. They need an emergency plumber available throughout to deal with the overflowing issue to avert indoor floods that can cause significant damage to your property.

Therefore, if you live in Portland, OR, and you have an urgent plumbing issue in your home, you should consider calling Pilot Plumbing & Drain. It is a reputable and licensed company with certified and highly skilled plumbers ready to tackle any emergency plumbing issues concerning installation, repairs, and maintenance whenever you call for their professional help.

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