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Residential Plumbing | Signs Of Water Filtration Systems Failure | Portland, OR


Your home’s plumbing system can include water filtration systems. Plumbers install the water filters to ensure the water you drink is free from all impurities and contaminants. Environmental Protection Agency standards recommend that water filters should have one-micron filter holes to remove up to the tiniest particles and chemicals.

Some of the popular filtration systems include reverse osmosis, inline water filters, and under sink filters. They facilitate the provision of healthy, refreshing, and tasty water. Similar to other plumbing parts, the water filtration system is also susceptible to problems.

It is wise to have an experienced plumber fix all your water filtration problems for the best possible outcome. Therefore, you should promptly call your plumbing technician when you notice the following signs of failing water filters.

Slow Filtration

One of the first signs of failing water filtration systems is the slow movement of water. If the filtration process was faster and the speed has decreased dramatically, it could be a sign of a big problem that requires a repair. The declined filtration speed might be due to sediment or bacteria buildup in the system, causing clogs in the aerator.

Aerators are responsible for removing contaminants, such as gasoline and radon, from the water. When it clogs, it compromises the free flow of water in your home’s faucets. As the filtration process slows down, water pressure builds up in the plumbing pipes and fixtures, leading to the bursting of the water lines.

Calling reliable plumbing technicians in Portland, OR, to clean the water filtration system to avert indoor floods and water damage is a wise decision that you should make promptly. They will use their skills and special techniques under their sleeves to dissolve the accumulated sediments in the water filters and the aerator. The plumbers will also clean and disinfect the filters or change the system if it is beyond repairs or too dirty.

Metallic Water Taste

Another sign that your water filters are not working at peak performance is the metallic taste in your water. The filters are designed with fabrics, ceramic, or fiber screenings that remove all the contaminants, hence improving water taste. The water filtration systems should effectively reduce the amount of lead, cysts, calcium, and magnesium minerals found in the municipal hard water flowing into your home through the point of entry and the point of use.

At the entry point, plumbers can install ion exchangers to soften the hard water. At the point of consumption, modern equipment such as activated carbon and reverse osmosis are installed to filter out all contaminants. So, if your water has a metallic taste, then having a plumbing technician replace the water filtration systems is appropriate.

Slippery Water

The water coming out from your faucets might also be slippery to touch, a clear sign of problems with the water filters. Soft water has numerous sodium and potassium ions. If the water supplied to households is soft, the water filtration system should filter out the highly concentrated ions from the water. However, when the drinking water feels slippery, it is time to reach out to a trusted plumbing expert to replace the malfunctioned water filters.


The purpose of installing water filtration systems in residential homes in Portland, OR, is to remove all impurities. The water filters also treat the water to be safe for use and drinking. However, if the water you fetch from your faucets smells like sulfur or chlorine, then the water filters are faulty.

A malfunctioned filtration system will not efficiently and effectively remove all the chemicals in the water, indicating that you should hire a plumbing contractor to replace it with a more efficient and advanced water filter.

Floating Mold

Mold growth is one of the most common plumbing problems that lead to property destruction or expensive mold removal services. It seems surprising to find molds growing in properly sealed water lines. If your water pipes are rich in oxygen and with traces of mold spores, mold will inevitably feed and grow extensively in your residential water systems.

When you see black floating mold in water drawn from your taps, it is a sign of malfunctioned water filters and should be an urgent call of concern. It is wise to hire an expert to skillfully clean the entire water system and replace the faulty filters. The plumber will also disinfect the water filtration systems to remove any remaining mold spores.

Odd Noises from Faucets

If you hear recurring or repeated odd noises coming from your faucets, it might be a warning sign that the water filtration systems are faulty and need the attention of a plumber. The noises might arise due to poor installation of the water filters, hence the need for accurate and correct installation for peak performance.

Low Water Pressure

When the water pressure in your taps decreases to a lower level, there could be several reasons behind it, including a blocked water filtration system. To get to the root cause of the low water pressure, you will need the services of a trained plumber with state-of-the-art tools and equipment to identify and diagnose the issue. If the low water pressure arises from dirty and clogged water filters, cleaning or replacing the filtration systems is a priority.

Damaged Water Filters

The water filtration systems are prone to crack or burst during winter due to freezing. If the systems have water during the cold season, they will freeze, expand, or crack. The cracked water filters will not function at their peak because they will not filter out dirt, hence you need an expert to carry out urgent replacements.

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The water filters are essential in providing clean, refreshing, and tasty water in households. When your water filtration systems have problems, you can call Pilot Plumbing in Portland, OR, for reliable plumbing services. Our plumbing company prides itself on prompt, reliable, and high-quality plumbing technicians who will be there when you need them the most. We also offer quality and professional installation, maintenance, and emergency services.

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