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Summertime Tips For Plumbing Service Maintenance And Outdoor Updates | Vancouver, WA


Plumbing projects that involve a lot of activity and materials are easier in the summer. Re-piping, replacing an old water heater, whole-house drain cleaning, or remodeling bathrooms and kitchens are all easier when the temperature outside and inside in Vancouver, WA is about the same. With summer, life has moved outside so our plumbing service isn’t as disruptive. At Pilot Plumbing & Drain, we do our best to be respectful, neat, and clean in our processes anyway, but why not do the work when it’s most convenient? We can help you plan your plumbing service schedule so we can repair and transform inside your home when you’re outside. By the way, there’s a lot we can add to the outside of your home that you’ll enjoy, too.

Outdoor Updates for Summer Water Enjoyment and Convenience

Now’s also the time to do your Vancouver, WA plumbing projects outside that will make your summer more fun and a bit easier. Our plumbing service can run lines to areas of your property where you do more gardening or the kids like to play, and install features such as drinking fountains that keep you from having to go inside when you’re thirsty. Installing utility sinks where they will intercept kids fresh from the mud or adults looking to wash after projects will be a win-win for convenience and also feeling free to enjoy time outdoors without worrying about traffic in the bathroom or messes in the kitchen when it’s time to come in for dinner or homework.

Re-Piping, Drain Cleaning, and Sewer Lines

The summertime is a great time to update your home’s plumbing, including replacing pipes you’re concerned about or are getting old and corroded. We can inspect your pipes with video equipment and see what condition they’re in, but the age of your home will also give us clues about what may need attention. Of course, if the pipes are made of lead or other materials that should be removed, inspection may not be necessary. If you’re having repeated leaks, especially hidden ones that are costing you in repair time and wall or ceiling damage, swapping out your pipes might be the right solution as well.

Drain cleaning is a preventive measure in most cases, addressing clogs and other issues throughout your drain system. Many clogs originate deep in your walls, only manifesting when they back up some distance to your sink or toilet. Clearing out all the pipes lets you relax knowing that any backups in the following year are likely to be local issues such as a paper or wipe accumulation in the toilet. Drain cleaning also addresses rarely used sinks and drains such as those in your basement, and makes sure everything is clear and looks good inside. If we see corrosion or damage that may lead to leaks, we can offer solutions for you to consider before trouble happens.

The biggest issue in drain cleaning is always the sewer line, where a blockage will back up throughout your home causing quite a mess. We can also take a look inside there, and see what has accumulated and might be slowing your drain system’s functioning. We’ll also see and note signs of sewer pipe degradation, whether from older piping or external damage such as weight from above or tree root intrusion. By having your drains cleaned by our plumbing service during the summer, you can also have the option of doing any sewer work you need while you can re-landscape easily. These days, it’s also possible that any sewer repairs you need might be performed inside the existing pipe or in other efficient ways.

Remodeling Kitchens and Bathrooms

When everyone’s enjoying the summer outdoors or on trips, it’s a great time to set your plans in motion and renew your kitchen or bathrooms. Our plumbing service can help you design the space and make recommendations for new plumbing techniques, fixtures, and even technologies that might suit your design. We can also offer ideas to make your spaces more convenient and functional, such as faucets that are easier to operate and use, and showers that are more luxurious and indulgent, without consuming too much water.

Speaking of showers, you owe it to yourself to check out some of the larger showerheads and whole-body sprays that are now available. They make your routine more relaxing and allow you to stand in place and shower, rather than twisting beneath a narrow spray. Our plumbing service team can even install new water-efficient toilets that go beyond reducing consumption. They allow you to choose the volume of water you need and deliver it using compressed air from water pressure so the flush is more effective.

Water Heater Replacement

If you’ve been having regular hot water heater maintenance and repairs over the years, you’ll have a good idea of when it’s time to replace the unit before the tank leaks. Our plumbing service team makes hot water heater replacement as straightforward as possible at any time, but summer is a great opportunity to get a new unit in place. That way, it’ll be done before the fall and winter when people usually consume more hot water and will notice the downtime a bit more. If you’d like to have adjustments to your hot water system done, such as adding another tank or switching to tankless hot water, we can perform this somewhat more complex work easily in summer, also.

Attention to Detail in Everything We Do

At Pilot Plumbing & Drain, we serve the Vancouver, WA area with careful plumbing, whether it’s an emergency plumbing service call or a scheduled project. Even if the plumbing feature we install is for casual use, we install it with professional care. Our plumbing service is top-notch, and our team is respectful and ready to listen and meet your needs. We know you’ll appreciate our work, and we’d love to talk with you about your plumbing needs. Give us a call.

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