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The plumbing network in your home is a little like the veins and arteries in our bodies. Instead of transporting blood around our bodies, the homes’ pipes carry water and waste products. We take both for granted until something goes wrong. Just like we need a doctor when things go wrong with our bodies, for our plumbing problems in Vancouver, WA, we turn to Pilot Plumbing & Drain.

When Do You Need a Drain Cleaning Service?

The best way to avoid any potential plumbing problems is to have your plumbing system looked at regularly by a technician from Pilot Plumbing & Drain. Like a car, a service will spot any underlying issues, allowing remedial action to prevent them from happening. If a small leak is detected, our technician would suggest that it be repaired sooner rather than later. The sooner it is looked at, the less chance it will become a major leak or even a rapture. It will cost more to deal with if you leave a repair too long.

There can be many occasions when you could need a professional drain cleaning service. This is a service that we pride ourselves on. There can be many signs that you need a drain cleaning service, and these are a few of them!

Water is slow to drain from your sink or shower tray – They say a watched kettle never boils. The same could be said about a badly clogged drainpipe. The water in the sink will never drain. Likewise, a clog in the drainpipe of your shower will have the same effect. Only this time, you will notice water lapping over your feet while you have a shower. As a clog grows, it will slowly restrict water flow through the drainpipe. If you do nothing about the problem, the clog will eventually block the drainpipe, and you will have standing water in your sink or shower tray. Hopefully, you will have had a professional drain cleaning service before this happened.

Reoccurring Clogs – At the first sign of a clog, many people will turn to a handy bottle of chemicals to remove it. Pouring chemicals down the sink may remove more minor clogs, but not necessarily firmly entrenched ones. The clogs may even return after a while. This is particularly true if you live in an area with hard water.

The high mineral content in this type of water will form an insoluble limescale deposit on the inside of the pipes. This adds to any clogging problem by making them difficult to remove. A professional drain cleaning service is the safest way to remove these clogs without damaging your pipes. To reduce the risk of limescale forming, you want to think about installing a water softener.

You hear gurgling noises when the water drains – Small air bubbles are created when water flows over any clog. This is the source of the gurgling sound that you hear. The only way to stop this sound is to remove the clogs safely with a drain cleaning service.

You see dirty brown water backing up into your sink. This is not good news, especially when accompanied by a strong sewage smell. Suppose your sewer line is damaged or blocked. In that case, any wastewater from your home will not reach the leading sewer network.

It has nowhere to go but back into your home and through any sink or toilet. We at Pilot Plumbing & Drain have specialist equipment not available in most homes to deal with this problem.

We can use long flexible tubes with a video camera on end to accurately locate and establish the extent of any blockage or damage to the sewer line. Then, a backup can be removed using a high-pressure water spray. Still, a damaged sewer line will need replacing or relining, depending on the damage and location.

Unpleasant smells coming from your sink – there could be food trapped in the U-bend, which could be removed by pouring some gentle chemicals down the sink. You could use a drain snake, but you need not damage the pipes. You could even undo the U-tube to clean it. Still, not everyone is confident enough to do this and put it back together correctly. You may want to leave this to one of our expert technicians.

Your toilet is blocked – Usually, a second flush will clean a minor blockage. Still, if you keep flushing the toilet, you will only cause an overflow. If this happens, please call us straight away as this is a nasty mess that needs to be cleaned up safely. We have protective clothing to protect our technicians from those nasty germs.

How to Prevent These Problems from Happening?

Be careful what you pour down a sink – Many of us still pour warm grease, food, and coffee grinds down our sinks. These materials are how clogs are formed. They stick to the insides of pipes, and other materials will attach to them. Place these items in a compost bin.

Be careful what you put down the toilet – Other than water, human waste, toilet tissue, or some gentle chemicals, you should put nothing else down the toilet. Face tissues and the like are not designed to dissolve quickly in water, and if not flushed away correctly, they can cause a blockage.

Do not overdo chemicals – Overuse of solid substances can cause corrosion on older pipes and joints and lead to leaks forming. However, the chemicals may not even impact any clog or blockage. They may be located far from the sink or toilet.

Do not over-flush your toilet to clear a blockage – This will only lead to an overflow. Instead, call us for a professional drain cleaning service in Vancouver, WA!

Let Pilot Plumbing & Drain deal with your Drain Cleaning Service.

Pilot Plumbing & Drain has served Vancouver, WA, for over fifteen years. We do not just offer a drain cleaning service. We offer a wide range of plumbing services at prices everyone can afford. Whatever your plumbing needs, please call us today!

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