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Top Signs You Need Drain Or Sewer Plumbing Service | Vancouver, WA

Drains and Sewers

Your plumbing is one of the most important parts of your home. Your drains and sewer system see heavy use each and every day, so it’s no wonder that so many Vancouver, WA homes run into drain clogs and sewer problems, needing Plumbing Service to fix the issue. Yet with so much of your plumbing system out of sight, such as underground, behind walls, or running under your floorboards, it can be difficult for many homeowners to tell when they need to call for a plumbing professional. Due to the fact that most plumbing is out of sight or in hard-to-reach places we have compiled a handy checklist of warning signs that you might be dealing with a drain or sewer problem that requires Plumbing Service.

Slow Drainage

Your receptacles, which would be your sinks, tub and shower drain, and toilets should all drain with ease. This is one plumbing problem that can sneak up on you. At first, the drains or receptacles might just seem a tad slow to drain, but over time the problem gets worse, till one day the drains cease draining altogether. While your drain might not be fully clogged, the water doesn’t recede quick enough, to the point you find yourself showering in ankle-deep water or brushing your teeth with a sink full of toothpaste foam. If you ignore a slow-moving drain the issue will simply become worse, eventually becoming a full clog where the drains will no longer drain any water.

If you are trying to figure out why your drains are draining slowly in your home, you need to first ask yourself if it is just one drain that is slowly draining or many drains with the same problem. If you are dealing with just one drain, which is draining slowly you are likely just dealing with a single partial clog somewhere in your drain. This is a rather easy fix for your local plumbing company to fix. If your bathroom sink drains or shower drains have clogged you’re likely dealing with a clog in your P-trap, the curved section of pipe under your sink, and beneath your tubs. Hair, soap, beard trimmings, and shaving cream can form an almost cement-like substance in your P-trap, constricting the flow of water and hence hamper your drainage. Your plumbing company will need to remove this cement-like gunk from your P-trap in order for your drain to once again function.

As far as toilets go, people tend to flush things down the toilet that they shouldn’t flush. The only things that should ever go down the toilet are human waste, toilet paper, and water, or you risk clogging your toilet drain. If your sink drains have clogged you are likely dealing with either food debris, oil, grease, or fats clogging up your kitchen sinks P-trap. You should call for a Vancouver, WA Plumbing Service rather than trying DIY remedies such as liquid clog removers. These products can actually harm your pipes, not to mention that they oftentimes fail to remove the entire clog.

Water Backups

You should never have water backing up into your home through any of your drains. If you find water backing up into your home make that call today to your Plumbing Service so you can avoid further plumbing damage as well as to avoid any potential for water damage to your home. There are two types of backups to worry about as a homeowner, both are equally disastrous to experience. The first type of backup is when your drain or drains are backing up water into your home. If you only have water backing up in one drain, you are likely just dealing with a clog in the line which is causing water to back up into your home. However, if you have multiple drains all backing up water into your home you are likely dealing with a sewer backup. Sewer backups are one of the most disgusting things that can happen to your home, as a sewer backup by its very nature is backing up sewage into your home. No one wants to deal with raw sewage in their home, so if you have a sewage backup you should make that call to your Plumbing Service as soon as possible. If it is not during normal business hours, you should consider using an emergency plumber.

Your better plumbing services, such as ours Pilot Plumbing offer 24/7 emergency service. Sewer line backups are a health hazard that should be addressed immediately. Sewer backups can be caused by flushing things down the toilet that should not be flushed, and they can be caused by tree roots that have grown into your sewer line, creating holes in the sewer line pipe or crushing the pipe if the roots have grown around the pipe. If you have an older home you may be dealing with a collapsed or cracked sewer line, which would lead to immediate drain backups. If you are dealing with any type of drain backup it is a serious issue that needs the attention of a plumbing company.

Foul Odors

If you start to smell foul odors around your drains it is not your imagination, it is stemming from an issue with your drains. You are likely dealing with an issue that will require a Plumbing Service for your home. When you have foul odors coming from your drains there are two possible and likely causes to the foul odors. The first and most likely culprit is waste that has accumulated in your drain’s P-trap. If this is the case the fix is rather simple for your local Plumbing Service. The second cause of foul odors coming from your drains is much more serious, it can be because you are dealing with sewer gases. If sewer gases are escaping into your home, you and your family’s health is at stake so you should have this issue addressed right away as sewer gases are toxic.

Gurgling Sounds

You should never hear gurgling noises come from your toilets or drains. If you do, it signals an issue with your plumbing that needs to be addressed by a Plumbing Service. A gurgling noise most often means that your dealing with air in your drains, meaning that something is preventing water from moving freely through your drain pipes. If water travels too slowly through your pipes air bubbles begin to form and create the gurgling sound your hearing. This most often signals that you are dealing with a clog or other obstruction which will need to be cleared out by a plumbing company.

If you have any of the above signs of trouble with your drains or sewer line, call the experts at Pilot Plumbing of Vancouver, WA today. We offer 24/7 emergency service for your peace of mind. Call us for service today and see why we have thousands of satisfied customers. We can deal with any drain issue or your problem that you’re facing in a time-efficient matter so you can return your home to normal as fast as possible.

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