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Water heaters are used many times a day and are very rarely switched off. They are normally very reliable and to ensure that they stay that way, it is important that are regularly serviced and problems are fixed quickly with a water heater repair.

This will guarantee their safe use and allow them to operate at their highest efficiency. This is essential as water heater use accounts for between 15 to 20 percent of your energy bills.

A regular service will reduce the need for a water heater repair. If your water heater breaks down on a cold winter’s day you do not want to wait long for somebody to repair, it. You want a water heater company with technicians who have many years of experience, carry many spare parts in their vans, and have a reputation for the very highest standards of work at reasonable prices. You need the water heater repair experts from Pilot Plumbing.

There Are Many Types of Water Heaters, but These Are the Most Common.

  • Conventional storage-tank water heater – these are the most common type of water heater in Vancouver, WA homes. They are popular because they are a simple design comprising a single, large, insulated tank holding between 20 to 80 gallons.
  • The tank is continually heated so there is always a large amount of hot water available. They are cheaper to buy and install but require a large amount of space. Another problem is that if the unit is too small and you use up all the hot water, you will have to wait for the new water to be heated up.
  • Tankless (On-Demand) water heater – These types of units do not need a large external tank so are more compact. As they only produce hot water on demand, they are more energy-efficient than tank heaters. They are more expensive to buy and install but will return that investment by lowering your energy bills.
  • A disadvantage of the tankless water heater is that there is not an instant supply of hot water. This is overcome in a hybrid model, which contains a small tank with hot water for instant use. This is ideal if you use hot water in small quantities, like washing your hand a lot during the day, something we have all had to do in recent times.
  • Heat pump water heater – these use a compressor to move the heat from the surrounding air and then transfer it to the water storage tank. These units are more expensive than the tankless models but are even more energy-efficient. They have a longer working life of around 13 to 15 years compared to the 8 to 10 years of the others. As you can see there are advantages and disadvantages to each type of water heater.

You Can Save Money with a Regular Service

Pilot Plumbing of Vancouver advises that you have your water heater regularly serviced. You will be invalidating the warranty if you do not. As the average cost of a water heater repair is estimated at several hundreds of dollars, a service makes good financial sense, as well as giving you peace of mind.

Common Problems with Water Heaters

If you need a water heater repair, then call Pilot plumbing for a fast repair. But what are the causes of breakdowns?

  • Overloading your water heater – You probably have not replaced your water heater since you moved into your home. In that time your family may have grown, and you have most likely brought more water appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers.
  • Your water heater may not be able to cope with the extra demand, especially if you have too many appliances on at once. An overworked water heater may shut down, if this happens too often then it may break down and need a water heater repair.
  • A short-term solution would be to stagger the use of your appliances, but a better long-term solution is to upgrade your water heater to cope with the extra demand.
  • Is your water heater starting to make funny noises? – Have you heard strange crackling, and hissing noises from your electric water heater. A lot of homes experience mineral buildup on the bottom of the tank which can also cover the electrical heating element.
  • This is especially a problem in areas with hard water. We at Pilot Plumbing suggest that you have your water heater regularly descaled. If this isn’t done, you increase the risk of needing a water heater repair or even the complete replacement of the water heater.
  • Checking your air vents – If you have a gas-powered water heater you must check your air vents frequently to see if they are blocked. The vents supply fresh air for combustion also remove any dangerous by-products like carbon monoxide. Regular cleaning will prevent any blocking and make the water heater more efficient.
  • How old is your water heater? If your heater is over ten years old, it is probably coming to the end of its useful working life. If you find yourself paying for more water heater repairs, it may be time to consider having it replaced.
  • If you do have it replaced, then it is important to pick the right-sized water heater for you and your family. Let one of Pilot plumbing’s highly trained technicians help you decide which model is best for your needs.

The Water Heater Repair Experts of Vancouver, WA

Pilot plumbing takes great pride in providing quality plumbing services to the Vancouver area. We are trusted by the people of Vancouver, WA because we are experts at repairing most types of water heaters. We have many satisfied customers who have given us five-star ratings, for the high quality of work we provide.

We will respond quickly to any emergency call. The work will be completed safely and to your total satisfaction. We will never advise you to have repairs that you do not need. Our prices are fair and transparent, so everyone gets a fair deal. If have any water heater needs, then please call Pilot Plumbing & Drain today.

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