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Water Heater Repair | Vancouver, WA

The leak could also be down to a faulty value requiring a water heater repair to replace it. A leak coming from the tank could mean it is corroded and needs replacing.
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Vancouver, WA, has hot summers and cold winters, therefore having a reliable water heater is vital. But what do you do when you wake up in the morning and find that it is not working, and your house is freezing? This can be a dangerous situation particularly if you are elderly or very young. Who do you turn to for a water heater repair? A search online will bring back many results with hundreds of plumbers offering water heater repair services, and most will claim to be the best and do the job for the lowest price. Which one do you pick? The safest thing to do will be to go to a trusted review site and look for a repair specialist with many five-star reviews. We are certain that top of the list will be Pilot Plumbing of Vancouver.

Why are we at the top of the ratings? Because over the years we have had many satisfied customers who have been good enough to leave us five-star ratings. What they receive from Pilot Plumbing is a top-class and quality service and they are happy to recommend us to everyone. If you need a water heater repair, please get on the phone, and call the experts at Pilot plumbing.

Types of Water Heaters

There are several different types of water heater. A tank or conventional water heater keeps a large external tank of hot water on standby all the time. In a tankless heater, water flows through a coil system in the unit to create hot water on demand. A hybrid system is like a tankless heater but contains a small tank within the unit to provide an instant supply of hot water. A Heat pump water heater uses a compressor to move the heat from the surrounding air and then transfer it to the water storage tank. Each of these types has different advantages and disadvantages and we at Pilot Plumbing can help you decide which type is best for your circumstances and budget. All these types are very usually robust but can break down occasionally.

Common Problems with Water Heaters

Tank or tankless heaters are normally heated by gas or electricity and have different problems associated with each type.

Problems with Electric Water Heater

There could be several reasons why an electrically powered water heater would not supply hot water. Check if there is a tripped circuit, if not, then you could have a faulty electric thermostat or a faulty electric heating element. Replacing these is a job for the professionals and you need to call Pilot plumbing for a water heater repair.

Scale will form on the insides of water heaters and the electrical heating elements in hard water areas. If you hear a whining noise this could be caused by the build-up of scale on the heating elements. We at Pilot suggest that you descale your system at least twice a year, so reducing the need for a water heater repair or even the complete replacement of the unit.

Problems with Gas Water Heaters

If the pilot light will not come on and assuming there is not a problem with your gas supply, it could be that the gas valve may not be opening fully, or the ignition unit may be broken. Whatever, the reason you need to call Pilot plumbing to book a water heater repair.

If you see the flame flickering and changing color, air could be trapped in the gas lines. This trapped air will need to be bled from the system. This is a dangerous job and should only be attempted by a trained technician from Pilot to carry out this water heater repair.

A gas-powered heater needs plenty of fresh air for combustion and an exhaust vent to remove the dangerous gases created. Without fresh air, the unit will stop working. Should the exhaust vents be blocked dangerous gases could accumulate in your home. These air vents need to be cleaned regularly as part of any regular maintenance.

Problems with Heat Pumps

Heat pumps share some problems with other types of heaters. Like a gas-powered heater, they need air vents to remove the heat from the air outside and these must be kept clear. Heat pumps can suffer from a broken reversing valve. This value reverses the direction of the coolant, allowing the heat pump to work as both a heater and an air conditioner.

Common Problems

If you spot any water leaking around your heater there could be a loose connection that needs tightening up. The leak could also be down to a faulty value requiring a water heater repair to replace it. A leak coming from the tank could mean it is corroded and needs replacing.

If you are running too many water appliances at the same time your water heater will be unable to cope with the load and it may even shut down. Repeated stoppages like this may break the unit needing an expensive water heater repair. The best option is to upgrade your unit to cope with the extra demand, this is especially true if you have a growing family.

Why Choose Pilot Plumbing and Drain of Vancouver, WA

Pilot plumbing takes great pride in delivering a quality plumbing service to our Vancouver community. We are experts at repairing any type of water heater. We have many satisfied customers who have given us five-star ratings. Our customers trust us and know that we pay meticulous attention to detail. This is because our customers’ safety is our greatest concern.

An average repair can be very expensive, and we think that it makes a lot of sense to have your water heater regularly serviced. This will ensure its safe and economical running and prolong its working life.

We will respond quickly to your call. All the work will be completed safely and to your complete satisfaction. Our prices are fair and transparent so that everyone is assured of a fair deal. Should you have any plumbing problems, then please call Pilot Plumbing today.

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