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What Is a Whole Home Water Filtration System, and How Does It Work?

Water Filteration

Your plumbing system is an extremely complicated maze of pipes, joints, and other underground things most of us fail to see. Because of this, contaminants, buildups, and other items can sometimes enter or begin forming inside your water supply. Whether it’s a one-off incident or something that lasts longer, it’s always a good idea to keep water (or anything else you put into your body) as clean as possible, and the best way to do so is with a whole home water filtration system.

They may be growing in popularity, but many homeowners fail to understand what this system can do for their homes. As a premium plumbing installation service, Pilot Plumbing and Drain knows just how beneficial a whole home filtration system can be, and we’ll break down every reason why your home can use this fantastic addition.

What Is Whole Home Water Filtration?

A whole house water filtration system does exactly what you expect it to. It functions to remove contaminants from your entire system, improving the taste and smell and overall water quality around your home.

Before reaching a faucet, the tap water goes through a journey through different pipes and systems. For example, the water starts from a natural source, often a lake, river, or in the ground. As it cycles through the treatment center and into your pipes, it can pick up tons of dirt and debris along the way. Of course, you don’t want any of this in your drinking water. That’s what makes a water filtration system so beneficial — it removes all these contaminants.

How Can My Home Benefit From Water Filtration?

You may be wondering: “If my water goes through a treatment center, why is it still at risk of contamination?” Unfortunately, treatment centers can’t process everything in your city’s water, and many sources of runoff can contaminate water sources past the ability of treatment centers. If you have aging pipes or leaks in the system, this can add plenty of unwanted contaminants into the water, even if the treatment center does its job. 

Water filtration systems give your entire home filtered water for bathing, drinking, and cooking, reducing contaminants that leave your water looking and smelling bad. Believe it or not, these contaminants can cause rust stains and impact the stability of your home’s appliances. Filters help ensure your faucet pipes last for years by improving flow rates and reducing the water hardness.

A house water filter system is more than just a filter. It’s a safety measure for you and your family that’s much better than anything available on the market today. If you’re considering a water filtration system, get in touch with your local plumbing company today!

Signs That Indicate Whole Home Water Filtration Is Right for Me

Most homeowners will benefit by installing a house water filtration system, but there are a few signs to pay attention to if you’re on the fence. Water contaminants can be difficult to spot, but it won’t be impossible, and if any of these problems apply to you, consider reaching out to a professional. 

  • Dry Skin/Hair After Showering
  • Rotten Smells From Your Drinking Water
  • Weird or Nasty Tasting Water
  • Rust on Your Appliances
  • Corrosion on Your Pipes

Other contaminants are much more difficult to discover, as they make their mark by avoiding the senses. Arsenic, nitrates, lead, and PFOS are odorless and tasteless, making it virtually impossible to detect them without a water test. Reach out to your local plumbers for a more precise understanding of your water condition.

Stop Worrying About Dirty Water — Get Your Home Filtration System Installed Today!

Homeowners don’t deserve to spend hours and hours worrying about contaminants floating around in their drinks or bathwater. Everyone deserves clean water, and the best way to ensure yours stays up to par is by getting premium water filtration services for your Vancouver home from Pilot Plumbing and Drain experts. Whether you need help breaking down what to look for in your water or how water filtration can help you, we are one call away with all the answers you need. Contact us today and discover firsthand the benefits of a high-quality whole home water filtration system. 

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